the top 10 baby things you didn't know you needed.

as a first-time mom, registering for our little guy was a bit overwhelming. you walk in any baby store and you are immediately bombarded with all of the options, and i found myself wanting someone to just tell me what you really need. of course there's the big stuff like the car seat, stroller, pack n play, and crib. and honestly those were easier to choose. it's all the little stuff that you just aren't sure you'll really use.  well, almost 2 months in, i've compiled a list of the stuff that we are so glad we've had. here are my top 10 baby things you probably didn't know you needed:

  1. halo sleepsacks - this is what we use for our little man at night (versus having to manually swaddle him). the hospital actually brought him to us in one of these, and during our stay we realized how great they are... i've bought 4 more! they have armholes, and you can choose to "swaddle" with arms wrapped in, or if your baby is like ours, with arms out (he loves to have his hands near his face!). it's got an easy zipper for those middle-of-the-night-diaper-changes and keeps your little one nice and warm and cozy. 
  2. muslin blankets from aden + anais - these are the only blankets you need! we use them everywhere... they're soft, breathable, and come in a great variety of colors + patterns. (i also love their car seat canopy)
  3. puj tub - fits in your bathroom sink and makes bath time in the first few months super simple! plus, it folds flat for easy drying & storage.
  4. baby bjorn bouncer - we actually borrowed this from a friend, and i had no idea how much we'd use it! it's where our little guy hangs out every morning in the bathroom while i shower or in the kitchen while i make dinner! it has 3 angle settings, and it folds flat for easy storage + traveling.
  5. a good sound machine - babies love white noise because they're used to a noisy womb. we have this one for nighttime, and this one for travel / naps in various places around the house.
  6. my brest friend nursing pillow - i feel like everyone talks about the boppy - but i think this is a much better option. it clips on, wraps all the way around, and is a flat surface for your newborn to lie on for easy access! i'm a big fan (plus the little pocket is great for keeping anything you might need during/after nursing like nipple butter - i swear by this stuff!)
  7. the boppy we do love is their newborn lounger - the recessed interior fits your little baby's bottom and is the perfect spot to lay them down for a bit.
  8. a diaper bag with all the pockets - i wanted something that was functional, but that wouldn't scream MOM BAG... plus i wanted it to be gender neutral so jeff could carry it, too!  i love this grey one from skip hop, that has all the right pockets and special clips that attach to your stroller. *bonus: i also love their bottle bag and pacifier pocket
  9. rock n play sleeper - chances are, your newborn will be sleeping in your room for the first couple of months. so you need a sleeper option other than your crib for those early days. i love the rock n play, because it's super simple + lightweight, with an extra deep inclined seat.  (another winner is the halo bassinet)
  10. baby bum brush diaper cream applicator - in case you didn't know, you'll be changing a lot of diapers, and with all that changing + wiping, baby's bum can get pretty red. so a good diaper cream is essential, and this applicator makes it quick + easy + mess-free! 
any baby things you were surprised you needed? 


eat more cookies!

there are lots of opinions out there about what can help + hinder your milk supply as a breastfeeding mom, but the one that caught my eye immediately were the lactation cookies! you're telling me that eating more of these cookies is something that will HELP me? ok, i'm in.

oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are probably my favorite sweet treat, so i set out to find the perfect recipe. and i'm picky about my cookies -- they need to be soft + chewy, with the right proportion of chocolate chips, and just the right amount of sweet + buttery.

here's the winning recipe:

  • 2 tbsp flaxseed
  • 4 tbsp water
  • 1 1/2 cups brown sugar
  • 1 cup of butter (2 sticks)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 4 tbsp brewer's yeast
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 3 cups old fashioned oats
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • preheat oven to 350
  • mix together the flaxseed meal + water and set aside for 3-5 minutes
  • mix all dry ingredients except for oats and set aside
  • cream butter + brown sugar, then add in the egg, flaxseed mixture and vanilla
  • slowly add dry ingredients to butter mixture and mix well
  • stir in oats and then chips
  • scoop onto baking sheet and bake 8-10 minutes
*i made generous-sized drops, and this recipe yielded about 3 dozen cookies

  • for the flaxseed - i recommend bob's red mill whole ground flaxseed meal (available at trader joe's or in organic section of grocery stores!)
  • the brewer's yeast is the most important ingredient to make these lactation cookies! i used bluebonnet super earth brewer's yeast and found that 4 tbsp left no trace of bitterness (it comes in a huge container -- so find some other mama friends and share it!) available online or at health-food stores
  • the dough gets super sticky towards the end, so i used my hands to mix in the oats + chocolate chips


brilliant basics.

between gifts and generous hand-me-downs, we were fortunate to not have to buy many clothes for our little guy for these first 12 months. but i came across primary.com and just had to invest in a few brilliant basics. all of their products are simple, solid, classic pieces, made of super soft pima cotton, and nothing is over $25! 

i got him a babysuit, a polo babysuit, a pair of the baby pants, and one of the long sleeve rompers (pictured below - because ZIPPERS!) and i have to say i love each of the pieces. they really are so soft, and i love the simplicity of them (no giant logos or cheesy phrases) i'm already planning to order more in his next size.

and i love the way they show you your order history (called "my closet") - so you can quickly see what you should re-order, in different colors, sizes, etc:

got bigger kids? there are great basics for bigger boys & girls as well. 
i see the henley, the layered tee, and the pi's in our future!!


the diapers dilemma.

so. many. diapers.
i've stopped counting how many we go through each day, because it's just depressing.
baby boy can make some poop, y'all.

and what i've realized is that you want to find the best diapers for your baby. ones that will contain the inevitable poop catastrophe (and won't leak when he's sideways nursing!) i have friends that swear by pampers, and others that will only use huggies. we tried them both in the first couple of weeks, but we were still having some leakage, and i didn't feel like they fit him well.
then i tried honest company... and they were amazing. they're eco-friendly, ultra absorbent, and free of lotions, fragrances, & latex - so baby boy's bum doesn't get as irritated. i also like that they come up really high, which equals less-likely blowouts.
i'd already decided that the honest wipes were my favorite (plant-based, super thick, and versatile - i can use them on his hands + face, too!) ... so when i loved the diapers as well i knew that the honest diaper + wipe bundle was going to be my best bet.
you get 6 jumbo bags of diapers + 4 packages of wipes mailed to your door each month (or however often you choose) and you're just charged for each shipment! it actually comes down to a pretty good deal once you break it down - and the convenience is amazing. 
plus, they come in the cutest prints, and you get to pick a different one each month!

i've also been a subscriber to honest's essentials bundle for the past year -- where you pick 5 products each month for $39.95, ranging from personal care items like shampoo and tampons, to home products like dish soap and glass cleaner -- all natural + safe for you and your family.
my favorites include the facial cleansing towelettes, dryer cloths, lip balm, bug spray, hand sanitizer sprays, and sunscreen.


the nursery.

with the announcement of baby boy pardo, i've got lots of fun baby stuff to share with you guys!  first up -- the nursery. i had such a blast getting to decorate his room. while we did find out the gender, i wanted to go a little more gender-neutral, just in case we want to use the nursery again down the road for another kid and that kid happens to be a little lady. i chose a "subtle safari" theme (key on the word "subtle" -- not going overboard on the animals!) and decided to keep our already-grey-walls (sherwin williams paint color "grey clouds") with a color palette of white, teal, and gold.


so without further ado, here is his nursery...

 hudson babyletto crib: amazon 
pennant flags: etsy
first alphabet animal poster: my friend bekah designed - anderson design group 
elephant blanket: land of nod

komfy kings glider: target 
french seam square pouf ottoman: target 
hourglass accent side table: target 
door knob curtain tie-back: urban outfitters

little darlings animal prints: the animal print shop
bookshelf: land of nod 
index cube gold bins: land of nod

dresser: hemnes 3 drawer chest from IKEA
gold dots changing pad cover: land of nod
elephant: fiona walker england from magpies (the cutest children's boutique in nashville!)
industrial wall mirror: urban outfitters 


hello there, old friend.

well, it's been awhile, huh?
i don't know who i'm even apologizing to, but i'm sorry for just dropping off completely! life has been a little...well, busy, to say the least. i mostly blame work - when your job involves staring at your screen all day, crafting messages and words and images, the last thing i wanted to do was come home and stare at another screen and craft any more messages.
so, i just stopped blogging.
sure, there have been moments where i've had stuff to say, exciting things to share, but i just never found the time to sit down and type.
but... here i am, on maternity leave (surprise! more on that below) and i find myself missing this whole online sharing space and discovering a whole new world of things to blog about. so in-between naps and nursing, i'm going to try to share a bit about this new phase of life.
i hope you'll come back and join me!

but first -- here's a quick + crazy re-cap of the past 18 months...

OCTOBER 2014: seeing the dawgs play as a part of an unofficial 10 year reunion weekend in athens with my college best friends  

DECEMBER 2014: we celebrated our 33rd birthdays with 3 days in NYC - highlights: a winter walk on the highline, brunching at my favorite spot (le pain quoitidian), seeing once and cabaret on broadway, and an amazing dinner at craft.

SPRING 2015: i traveled for work... a lot. alt summit in salt lake city in january, if:gathering in austin in february, back to austin for the texas style council conference in march, then straight to LA for the launch party for our collaboration with minka kelly. then finally to boston in april for the Q conference. whew.

EASTER 2015: after meeting with a core group for about 6 months, we helped to launch the east nashville congregation of our church, midtown fellowship. jeff got hired as our worship director, and we are loving this new community right in our neighborhood.

MAY 2015: girls trip out west - we hiked the canyons of zion national park in utah, and then spent a couple of days soaking up the sun in vegas

JUNE 2015: we found out we're PREGNANT!! whoa. 
(this is the 20 week ultrasound photo)

AUGUST 2015: huge expansion of what we do at FASHIONABLE, adding in a local component to our work. i organized a launch party + a new website / rebrand on the same day and almost went crazy!

SEPTEMBER 2015: we found out baby pardo is a BOY!

OCTOBER 2015: babymoon to the beach - jeff's 1st time down at 30a, and thankfully he discovered he loves it as much as i do. (and we decided our dream is to live in alys beach - when we win the lottery.) 

NOVEMBER 2015: "friendsgiving" with our new midtown east community group

JANUARY 2016: nashville blizzard - over 8"!! 

FEBRUARY 2016: while we counted down to baby boy's due date, we discovered dozen bakery, and our love for chocolate croissants. (and proceeded to go on repeat every weekend)

MARCH 2016: after 30 hours of labor, and 2 weeks past his due date, our little bundle of joy is born. stay tuned for all the ways he's changing our lives!  


tuesday tunes: lindsay mccaul

i'm breaking my blog silence to tell you about a new album i am so excited about! my friend lindsay mccaul released her album one more step today, and it is so great. yes, i'm biased -- jeff wrote/produced half the songs -- but even so -- i'd love it regardless!

the title track, "one more step" is about lindsay's dad, who passed away a couple of years ago. it's a beautiful song, and i tear up every time...

so so proud of lindsay & this record -- go get it & show your support!


fashionABLE 4 hour 40% off FLASH SALE!

friends! i just had to let you know that fashionABLE is having a FLASH SALE right now on select summer scarves (etanesh stripes, frehiwot, alem, & anchinalu) so we can make room for our fall inventory

just enter the promo code SEEYASUMMER2014 in your shopping bag, and you'll get 40% off for the next few hours. but don't delay -- it ends at 6pm CST today.

happy shopping!!


trader joe's top ten: part 7

it's time once again for the list of my favorites from trader joe's!
(i can't believe it's been a year & a half since my last one!) check out the previous posts here: part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six

10. cocoa kettle corn // this bag of goodness comes out during the holidays, and it is ridiculous good. kettle corn is already amazing, but then add cocoa drizzle? yum. i'd suggest stocking up on a few bags to last for the year.

9. quinoa oatmeal // in the frozen section, there are now 2 different version of oatmeal: steel cut, and then with quinoa. these make quick oatmeal in the morning so easy! (i love to add some berries into mine, too!)

8. marcona almonds with rosemary // literally the most amazing nuts in the world. these are my favorite thing to put out w/ a cheese plate.

7. spray coconut oil // i'm a huge coconut oil fan, and having it in spray form is even better. this is a daily staple for our morning eggs, for pans when i'm baking, or really anything i need to oil up!

6. whole wheat pizza dough // we make homemade pizzas in the pardo home about once-a-week, and i always start with this dough. it's 99 cents and makse a perfect pie every time. (tip for cooked-thru dough: after rolling out w/ some flour, spray with a little bit of coconut oil (see above) and let it cook for about 6 minutes before putting on your toppings & baking again for another 5 minutes!)

5. candy cane green tea // this is another holiday item i stock up on for the year. it's the most soothing and refreshing mint tea, and this green variety is actually caffiene-free, so it can be enjoyed any time of the day.

4. corn & wheat tortillas // taco night is another staple in our home, and these are the best i've found. corn tortillas tend to crack and break, but these have the perfect blend of both corn & wheat making them soft and pliable.

3. cold brew coffee // this is a concentrated version of our favorite pick-me-up. just add water or milk, and voila! instant barista-approved drink. my favorite: add almond milk + a few drops of vanilla liquid stevia + some ice for an iced latte!

2. cruciferous crunch collection // this is a yummy combo of kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, green cabbage, & red cabbage -- all bagged & ready to cook! i love roasting the whole bag on a pan with some olive oil + sea salt. yum.

1. $3.99 flowers // my husband isn't the best at buying me flowers. but that's ok, because i buy them for myself. and at $3.99 a bunch, i don't feel bad about picking these up a few times a month! my go-to is the mums, but i love the sunflowers this time of year, too!

what are you loving at trader joe's lately?


pardo home on air bnb!

a lot of you were around for the building of the #pardohome.  not a day goes by that we aren't super grateful for this house and the home we've created inside.  but until there are little pardos running around, we have a lot of extra space that we need to make the most of!  so... we've listed our guest room + bathroom on air bnb!

i had been hearing more & more about air bnb this last year, and then we actually used it to stay in a few different places on our california vacation earlier this summer. we had a great experience (and made some mental notes!) and decided to pursue listing our own place.
nashville is actually the top city for air bnb this summer (not to mention just a really popular tourist destination in general -- thanks to articles in GQ, NY times, & rolling stone... and that little tv show.)

with our master bedroom on the main level, we can offer air bnb guests the entire 2nd floor -- including a spacious bedroom, full bathroom, and even a little breakfast nook with their own keurig coffee maker!  (check out our listing to see more pics) plus, we live in the cutest neighborhood ever, within walking distance to great restaurants & just a 5 minute drive to downtown.

know anybody traveling to nashville this next year? would you mind recommending our space?  PLUS -- get a $25 travel credit!