plans. (part 2)

i'm reading a john piper book right now that touched on this oh-so-common theme in my life yet again...

- wisdom does not equal knowing for sure that the path chosen will be the most fruitful path. wisdom means doing the best you can with all the resources at your disposal to discern what the path of fruitfulness is for the glory of God.
- we simply do not KNOW whether one path or the other will prove to be the path on which some remarkable turn of affairs may take place for the glory of God all out of proportion to what we planned or expected.

our life's effectiveness does not hang on our wisdom, but on God's sovereignty...knowing that He has the plans, and He shows us what we can handle one day at a time...even if we don't understand it.

it's a freeing reminder once more that we do not have to know the future...we can't. what we can do is honor God with what He gives us...we can seek to understand truth, while resting in mystery...to be bold in believing...to be sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see.


pura vida.

i just got back from a week in costa rica with some of my dearest friends. they have a phrase there - "pura vida" - which translates into "the good life" [aka "no worries"]
the pace of life in costa rica is so much slower than what we're used to in america, and no one seems to be anxious or stressed...just enjoying this good life. it was great to get away and not be thinking/planning/worrying about my crazy life in the states...and just rest in the presence of my Creator, and His beautiful creation, and enjoy the sweet frienships He has blessed me with. now i just hope i can carry this worry-free attitude into my life here in nashville!!

sadly, i DID get "lost in translation" my first day - not so "pura vida" - i missed my bus and got lost in san jose, the capital city (not the safest place for a lone american girl wandering with her backpack who doesn't speak that great of spanish). but after many hours i eventually caught up to my friends and the rest of the trip was worry-free. :)