dream big. take action.

The largest slum in East Africa is called Kibera, where 800,000 people live in an area just over one square mile. Not surprisingly one of the major problems there is lack of formal education. The public school system requires that children have a uniform and their own schoolbooks in order to go to school. Unfortunately, since most families in Kibera, Kenya, live on less than $1 a day, most parents can’t afford to buy these basic necessities. That's where ELLIE'S RUN FOR AFRICA comes in. $25 puts a child in school, by buying them the eight schoolbooks, two uniforms, and pair of shoes they need.
Then 11-year-old Ellie Ambrose heard about this, and decided to DREAM BIG and TAKE ACTION. Now it it's 4th year, Ellie's Run will take place on JULY 14 here in Nashville, and American Idol finalist Melinda Doolittle will emcee with Ellie!!
...if you want to run, donate, or volunteer -- sign up on the website.

click on this video for a little inspiration from 2 super cutie kids at my church.

Ellie's Run partners with African Leadership, the organization I work for. Here's a word from my boss, Barrett:

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Elisa said...

I love you and what you're doing! Can't wait to sit and have coffee with you about AFRICA!