we at Mocha Club have been asking bloggers to write about the concept of why "I need Africa more than Africa needs me."
so i thought i would participate as well...

what does that mean to me?
as i sat in my windowseat, and watched the africa i had experienced fade to memories, i wrote in my journal these thoughts and prayers that kept running through my mind about the friends i had met there..
their hearts are big
their faith is strong
their joy is deep
Lord, thank you for letting me come to africa. i so desperately need it. my soul needs to be reminded to be still. my spirit needs to be reminded to be thankful.

there was a spirit of humility and simplicity that dominated each soul i encountered. i was challenged to take the lessons i learned and try to apply them to life here:
- to love community deeply
- to depend on the Lord and praise Him first and foremost above all else
- to be quick to listen and slow to speak
- to appreciate life and the gifts of each morning, to take nothing for granted
- to dream big and take risks
- to pray without ceasing and live a life of worship

i need to be reminded everyday of these valuable truths...truths that africans know intuitively. yes, africa most certainly needs our partnership and our prayers...but we need her purpose and her passion.

something about this strike a chord with you? share your thoughts in my comments, and even blog about it yourself. join in the worthwhile cause of recasting the damaging images that force pity over partnership.
come back Dec 1st to see what we're up to...

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love your post! thanks for sharing and dropping by my blog so I could read yours!