this is a video of sara groves' song "i saw what i saw" - a journey through seeing the world, and pain, and hurt...but knowing faith, and hope, and love in the midst of it all.


i voted.

nope, not for anything political...but for the cmt awards of course. my friend dave haywood is a third of the new country trio LADY ANTEBELLUM it's been so fun to watch them blow up so quickly -- and they're nominated for 2 CMT awards. these awards are 100% fan-votes, so take a moment and go vote HERE
(you do have to sign-up, but it just takes a sec)


strengths discovered.

strength = a combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that you can fathom yourself doing repeatedly, happily, and successfully.

a friend gave me this book last year for my 25th birthday, and today i decided to go back through and see if i have, indeed, discovered (and used) those strengths over the past year. globally, only 20% of employees working in large organizations feel that their strengths are in play every day...most organizations take their employees' strengths for granted and focus on minimizing their weaknesses. the author says "the real tragedy of life is not that each of us doesn't have enough strengths, it's that we fail to use the ones we have." this book takes you on the path of discovery...

these were my top 5 (if you know me well -- see if these match up to what you'd guess!)
1. POSITIVITY: generous with praise, quick to smile, find ways to make everything more exciting and vital.
(one person's example was this: "I am so passionate when I talk about something that people just have to do what I say..." if you've ever heard me talk about my latest obsession, you know that's so true!)
2. INCLUSIVENESS: want to include people and make them feel part of the group, instinctively accepting.
3. SIGNIFICANCE: want to be recognized, known, and heard, want to stand out, independent spirit, want work to be a way of life rather than a job...life is full of goals, achievemtns, or qualifications that you crave...keeps you reaching.
4. DISCIPLINE: need order and planning, instinctively imposing structure on your world, set-up routines, impatient with errors, detail-oriented
5. MAXIMIZER: excellence, attracted to others who seem to have found and cultivated their own strengths.

so...that's me, for better or for worse.
as i've been transitioning into my FULL-TIME job with MOCHA CLUB (yup, no more starbucks for me!) these last couple of weeks, i'm noticing that this job really will be using a lot of my strengths - specifically tied into an organization and a vision i believe in - so i really see myself being happy and successful doing it!

if you want to get the book and take the test for yourself (and i encourage you to!) click here