life's a beach.

"why aren't we FLYING? because getting there is half the fun!" - chevy chase in national lampoon's vacation

1 bottle of sunscreen: $10
groceries: $80
gas for 2 cars driving from nashville to florida and back: $300
4 day getaway with 8 girls to soak up the sun: priceless


fresh produce wednesdays.

tomorrow marks opening wednesday for the east nashville farmers market. every wednesday this summer from 4-7pm. yum.

"vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie..."


things i love.

i was inspired by my friend andra who made a list of things she loved and put it on her refrigerator.
i encourage you to do it, too!!

city skylines
vintage world maps
finding my own little nook in coffeeshops
live music
playing my guitar
leading worship
traveling all over the globe
oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (especially from whole foods!)
an exciting UGA football game
dinner parties
a task accomplished
sunsets and sunrises on the beach
pictures that capture moments in time
snowboarding through fresh powder in colorado
wine tastings
white fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky
outside festivals/fairs/exhibits
popcorn mixed with dark m&ms
seeking justice
anything trader joe's
big sunglasses
color-coordinating my closet, calendar, etc.
roadtrips with a car full of people
getting lost in a good book
public transportation
making people feel included and welcomed
the smell and taste of fresh brewed coffee
making an amazing roaring campfire and sitting around it with friends
laughing so hard my side hurts
leaving a workout drenched in sweat
planning/organizing events and parties
loving and being loved deeply and unconditionally


i want only this.

"I want only this,
I want to live
I want to live a simple life."

this is a song lyric from one of my favorite bands, the weepies.

God has been teaching me a lot about simplicity over the years. (i blogged about it 2 years ago...which actually led to the name of my mocha club team)
according to WIKIPEDIA, "Simplicity is the property, condition, or quality of being simple or un-combined. It often denotes beauty, purity or clarity..."

i know i WANT it...but what does that really LOOK like?

i think it looks like LOVE: loving people well and loving them deeply...loving the Lord with all our heart...and loving our neighbors as ourself.
i think it looks like GIVING: giving of our time, our money, our gifts...to the people and the places and the passions that touch our heart.
i think it looks like JOY: joy in the beauty of a sunset...in the laughter of friends...in a job well done.
i think it looks like LIVING: living in the now...not wishing for something we may never attain or acquire...resting in His presence.

and simply soaking up every moment.


the midtown project.

so you might remember me blogging about recording a couple months ago...well the finished product is here!!
THE MIDTOWN PROJECT -- i'm SO excited for this -- not just because they really are great worship songs -- but because this is a sweet offering from my church. all songs are written, arranged, recorded, mixed by MIDTOWNERS. even down to the cover art. it's my community coming together to birth something beautiful. our prayer is that this record would serve as an inspiration for congregations everywhere to respond to God’s grace by offering their diverse gifts for His Kingdom and His Glory!!

to BUY the album and HEAR a little sampling, go to www.themidtownproject.com


happy anniversary!!!

wow...i have lived in nashville for one whole year now. time flies.
it's been fun to look back to this time last year and all of the uncertainties -- who will be my friends? where will i work? how will i get around town?
and now...nashville is home. God has specifically answered my prayers for COMMUNITY...for a JOB (after multiple other jobs)...for a HOME...
it's awesome. He really does "supply every need".