for someone who prides herself on being an early adopter, i'm a little late in the game. but seriously, do you know about THIS?? are you obsessed, too?? i finally got around to trying it out today. all i have to say, is WOW! b/c i am slightly obsessed with music (especially "discovering" new stuff) this is pretty sweet. their goal is to play music you love. um....yes, please. i know i have over 6000 songs in my itunes, but i was still getting sick of my stuff at work (because i play music all day long...). so now -- i get NEW music...for free. and it's stuff that i will (probably) like! we were having so much fun today at the office guessing new bands and learning new songs.

check it out if you haven't already. your ears will thank you.



because i am a "firelighter", i fear the unknown and the darkness. i don't like trusting other people (or God) for things i can do myself (or so i think i can). i like plans and clarity and control. i end up carrying too many burdens, which eventually weighs in and crushes my spirit...leaving me feeling overwhelmed and anxious.
i had to take a deep breathe this week, and take in the reminder that i CAN'T sustain myself...in work, in relationships, in life.
"Cast your burden upon the LORD and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken." Psalm 55:22
in this life we will have burdens, that's a guarantee...but i have to remember that they're not meant to completely shake or crush me, but instead to test my trust in God to carry them for me...to allow Him to have the control (that He really already has). as each day brings burdens that i'm not meant to carry alone, i learn to cast them...to trust Him.
and He promises rest for my soul.



so i got to see this last year here.
then tonight i got to see this live here
it was pretty freaking amazing.


legendary larry.

the beloved voice of the bulldawgs, larry munson, announced his retirement yesterday, after "calling the dawgs" for 42 years. (here's the full story)

for you non-georgia people, the video below shows the tradition before each home game, and this wordle is my tribute...


fall is coming...

i was reminded by christine that today marks the start of fall...and i'm ready. the Lord has taught me so much about seasons over the past couple of years -- how i crave them...need them.

i think i'll go get one of these this week and it will be official.


nashville does atlanta.

emily, betsy, autumn, and i see how much atlanta we can fit in to 48 hours... [yes, most of it revolves around shopping]

A - amazing desserts + drinks at cafe intermezzo
T - too many hours at IKEA
L - lazy sunday brunch at flying biscuit
A - atlantic station (aka H&M!)
N - next to nothin' wine from trader joe's
T - third row seats at the braves game (+ fireworks!!)
A - afternoon at urban outfitters


oh, athens.

(this bulldog is one of numerous around town -- see what i'm talking about here)

so this morning i'm sitting at zim's bagels, where i spent countless breakfast dates - thinking about the amazing 7 years i lived in this little town. from early mornings in classes (well...if i woke up) to football saturdays at samford stadium to sunday afternoons on north campus to late nights in the sorority house on milledge...athens will always have a little bit of home in my heart.

i spent last night with sweet friends at the grit - my all-time favorite restaurant - which eventually transitioned into a night of laughing and chatting and catching up.

it's crazy to think that i've been gone a year and a half...and life here has just continued to have been lived. (like it can't without me or something!) and it's weird knowing that i don't have an athens address anymore...i knew this town like the back of my hand. i had my "spots", my memories.
but God has created a new home for me in nashville...and slowly but surely i am claiming spots and creating memories. athens will remain a place i cherish...but God has big things in store. and it's way better than i ever could have planned.

it's not what we expected, not what we had planned
but maybe it is better, than we can understand
like finding a good reason, in a bottle on the shore
everything will have it's season, nobody's keeping score
this is not how I thought that it would be, waiting on some circumstance, to make me feel complete...

"Long Way Home" - Sandra McCracken


lost w/o LOST?

if you are a fellow LOST fan, you relate with me in the pains of waiting until January for season 5 to begin. but i think i have found something to tie us over...
JJ Abrams, one of the producers/writers of LOST, has a new show on FOX called FRINGE.
i watched the pilot this weekend, and i was intrigued. the next episode comes on tonight. it just might provide a quick fix for our cravings.

you can watch the pilot episode here


time machine.

thanks to annie i have discovered this fun site. see what your yearbook photo would have looked like from 1950-today. this is me circa 1990.


10 out of TN.

so we all know nashville is music city. but did you know it's a whole lot more than just country music? most of my favorite musicians are locals here, and people are catching on to their greatness. TEN OUT OF TENN highlights 10 of our local talents as they travel around the country to let other cities experience said greatness.
i had seen them all individually, but finally got to catch them together tonight. (at "next big nashville")
it was brilliant. check them out if they come to a city near you! :)



that is definitely the word to describe 4 hours of my life today. it was our first conference game (i love how we say "our" -- like we are on the team or something...) and SHOULD have been an easy win - i mean, georgia IS ranked #2, right?? but instead the dawgs decided to scare us - penalties, much? thankfully, they pulled it out with a win...and i had good friends (and good food) to share the highs and lows with over at ryan & rebekah's house. let's just hope this was a reminder to actually show up for the games now -- with our schedule...it's gonna be rough if *WE* don't get it together!!

georgia fans love face stickers... (i made will & stephen wear one for the picture)

my favorite moment from LAST week...


unity vs. uniformity.

unity: oneness; state of being one or undivided; united in mind or purpose.

uniformity: the state of being uniform, alike and lacking diversity.

two words that sound similar...but mean such different things. we deeply desire unity...but it often gets mistaken for uniformity. it's so cliche, but i really do picture a bouquet of flowers. their purpose is one: to make something beautiful together. but each flower is unique and has it's own story.

the two dominant communities in my life right now, my work and my church, have both been making me think about this idea. philippians 2:2 also tells us to be "like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose." it's fulfilling to aim for unity, but freeing knowing you can still be yourself.


dance the night away.

(from wikipedia...)
Dance is when people move their body to music. There are many kinds of dance, like jazz, ballet, tap, waltz, hip hop, and others. Dancing is done for fun. It is also a kind of art. Dance can be done by one person or two people or many people. Dancing is usually done while music is playing. Some people dance to express their feelings and emotions. Other people dance to feel better.

well, thursday night i helped host a little dance party for my friend gabe's birthday. i love how this definition of dancing is so simple and true - many people feeling better as they move their bodies to music for fun. good times...

the VIP lounge - don't worry, those are candy cigarettes!

the DJ stand

the dance floor

me with fellow co-host autumn

the shays shakin it!