things i love...#10.

#10..."my shows".
this week brings season premieres and reminds me how i love some good tv shows.
if tv shows competed for my affection, here's how they'd rank:

GOLD: LOST, hands down. (season 5 premieres a week from today!) never before has a show captured my heart like this guy. LOST is the whole package...and discussing theories and having LOST parties are almost as fun as watching it.

SILVER: 24. after a year void of terrorist-butt-kicking...jack bauer re-entered our lives sunday night. i love the detail of the storyline and how you really never know what's going to happen. (and who doesn't love the phone ring at CTU? do-do-deet-do...)

BRONZE: american idol. here in nashville, liking this show is so not cool. but i don't care. i love it. (well, not these first few weeks...i like it from hollywood week on...) yes, i vote. yes, i cry. yes, i even like simon.

HONORABLE MENTION: the office. it's my comedy. i love me some jim + pam...and dwight...and michael. ok, i like all of them. i could watch these episodes over and over and over (that's what she said?)

thankfully these all come on network tv...i don't have cable :)
(i also get made-fun-of for VHS-taping nights when i'm busy...tivo is so over-rated...)

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Pamela said...

still VHS??? you are hilarious!!! some things will never change ;)