tuesday tunes - derek webb.

i've been a fan of derek webb since my college days (shout out to david) but honestly hadn't listened to him much the last few years. (he is my east nashville neighbor, though!)
but his new album, stockholm syndrome, is really good. he's left his acoustic folk/rock roots for a more urban hip-hop flavored soul.

the following trailer gives you a taste...

derek has never been afraid to step outside of the box, but he is definitely making his most controversial move yet with this release...an album about race and sexuality that proved so provocative, his record company removed one of the album's key tracks because of its strong language.
(you can hear the controversial track, "what matters more" on youtube) in an email to his fans, derek wrote "it seems i've finally found the line beyond which my label can support me, and apparently i've crossed it." in response to the record company, derek composed a series of coded emails directing listeners to a secret website where they could piece together the missing track by playing an elaborate alternate reality game. it became so popular that INO Records was forced to embrace derek's decision to leak the track as it succeded in making stockholm syndrome...

so, controversial or not, the album is good...and worth purchasing. you can decide for yourself about the lyrics.

[it offically releases september 1st, but the only place you can get it in its entirety is on derekwebb.com]


holly said...

i'm not even sure how i ended up here... i somehow got sucked through the spiral of the internet and found this... somehow. i'm holly, by the way. i think i have met you at midtown a time or two.

somewheresinginalong said...

hey girly, Melissa from Mocha Club/Minnesota here. Just wanted to tell you that I follow your blog thanks to my lovely Google Reader, and absolutely love all your Tuesday Music recommendations. It makes me realize how many kindred spirits there are in my extended community. Hope Nashville and all those you love are doing well!