tuesday tunes - seth philpott.

this week's tune is my friend seth philpott. i've known seth for 2 1/2 years (he was one of the first people i met in nashville) but didn't get to see him play until a month ago...and now i've seen him twice! he's got a real blues-y feel (think: marc broussard) and sings with soul.

when he's not playing his own music, you can find seth helping out friends on the road as a tour manager. or drinking coffee at crema. a real multi-talented guy.

seth's got a new album coming out next month. i actually got to go in and sing some background vocals on a track -- not sure if it made the final mix, but it was fun :) {side note: my friend andy produced it -- another talented dude!}

check out some of seth's tunes on his myspace.
and here's a video for his song "heartbreaker"...


AnnieBlogs said...

Good gracious that video is good. Our friend Seth is darlin'.

Christine said...

great guy that Seth P!