tuesday tunes - needtobreathe.

this week's tune is the band needtobreathe.

the cd player in my old car was broken for the last 3 years i owned it (it just wasn't worth the $1000 to fix it) so i got used to only buying music on itunes & playing them on my ipod. even though i now have a new car and a working cd player, my cd collection is very limited.

...so when my roommate gave me the new needtobreathe cd, the outsiders, a month ago, it literally hasn't left my car. i love it and can't stop listening to it! and...it's the only cd i have.

seriously, though, check out this album. coincidence there's a song called "girl named tennessee"? i think not.

here's one of my favorites from the last album, the heat, called "washed by the water"...

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Stephanie said...

i have a whole slew of double copies of cds (i went through a phase where it made me so sad to see cds i liked in 'used' areas, so i'd obsessively buy them) and would be more than willing to send you some if you ever wanted to expand your cd collection :)