fact or fiction.

fact: nickel creek is one of my favorite all-time bands. (i may have seen them upwards of 10 times...)

fact: sean, sara, and chris are each doing their own gigs now.

fact: jon foreman (of switchfoot) has a solo album that has been rockin my itunes nonstop. (as evidenced in my song of the day from wednesday!)

fact: sean and jon have combined forces to form FICTION FAMILY.

fact: fiction family played the belcourt last night. (and mocha club artist thad cockrell opened!)

fact: it was one of the best shows i've seen.

fact: in the encore, jon played my song. you know, THE ONE I'M OBSESSED WITH.

fact: i've decided my love language is most definitely music.


soul food.

(no...not this kind)

1 Peter 2:2 tells us to “like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good”
our souls need to be fed. our spirits need nourishment.

and that's what this last week has been for me.
it started with a little roadtrip to waco, tx. my friend's church has a conference every year called world mandate. there's just something powerful about a room full of God's people coming together to worship, pray, and seek His heart for the nations. it was definitely a time of refreshment, encouragement, and clarity for me. our weekend also included some downtime spent at common grounds...reading, journaling, resting. not to mention some amazing conversations and discussions.
i then ventured up to dallas for the next few days. i was super excited about getting to go to the village church. i have been listening to the pastor, matt chandler, speak through podcasts for over 3 years...it was surreal getting to actually SEE him. God is blessing that church like crazy, so i loved experiencing it and soaking it in.
then tonight i got to hear tim keller (pastor of redeemer in new york city)...another one of my favorite author/speakers. he had some amazing truths to chew on. (and i'm still trying to swallow a lot of it).

i'm so grateful for the privilege to attend things like this. for God to provide this kind of nourishment...to remind me how good rich teaching and passionate worship and sweet stillness all taste.

my prayer is that i'll continue in a well-balanced spiritual diet. it's so easy to grab the fast food, greasy stuff...the quick fix. it takes time and effort and dedication to prepare and sit down and enjoy a healthy meal. but my soul is hungry for the good stuff. i've tasted. i've seen. and it's good.


song of the day.

i can't get "your love is strong" by jon foreman out of my head.
enjoy :)


C is for cold combat.

(the following blog post is brought to you in honor of my current cold + cough situation.)

Vitamin C. what our mothers have always told us will help fight off those unwanted colds.
sneeze : "bless you" ... cold : "vitamin C?".
so what is it about C that makes him so COOL? (get it? i know, i know...too much.)

well, wikipedia tells us that Vitamin C "in the right form, with the proper technique, in frequent enough doses, in high enough doses, along with certain additional agents and for a long enough period of time, can prevent and, in many cases, cure, a wide range of common and/or lethal diseases, notably the common cold." well, there you have it.

but, wait.
what's the right form? what kind of techniques are they talking about? how frequent? how much? what else do i take with it? for how long?
lethal diseases? i just want to stop coughing.

thankfully, our friends over at bolthouse farms (read: super yummy but overpriced beverages) have created a little drink called C-Boost. oh yah, gimme somma that.
1200% of your daily value of vitamin C? yes, please.

i'll let you know if it CURES my COLD. you know, if it CAUSES my COUGH to CEASE.

ok, i'm done. now, where'd i put those kleenex...



there's a native american proverb that says "the soul would have no rainbow if the eye had no tears"
i continue to have conversations with people i love that are going through hard times...emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually. lots of hurt and lots of tears.
but i'm reminded today how it is because of those rainy, teary seasons that our soul gets to see the JOY and BEAUTY of a rainbow.

so grab an umbrella and hold out for hope. it's on the horizon.


things i love...#10.

#10..."my shows".
this week brings season premieres and reminds me how i love some good tv shows.
if tv shows competed for my affection, here's how they'd rank:

GOLD: LOST, hands down. (season 5 premieres a week from today!) never before has a show captured my heart like this guy. LOST is the whole package...and discussing theories and having LOST parties are almost as fun as watching it.

SILVER: 24. after a year void of terrorist-butt-kicking...jack bauer re-entered our lives sunday night. i love the detail of the storyline and how you really never know what's going to happen. (and who doesn't love the phone ring at CTU? do-do-deet-do...)

BRONZE: american idol. here in nashville, liking this show is so not cool. but i don't care. i love it. (well, not these first few weeks...i like it from hollywood week on...) yes, i vote. yes, i cry. yes, i even like simon.

HONORABLE MENTION: the office. it's my comedy. i love me some jim + pam...and dwight...and michael. ok, i like all of them. i could watch these episodes over and over and over (that's what she said?)

thankfully these all come on network tv...i don't have cable :)
(i also get made-fun-of for VHS-taping nights when i'm busy...tivo is so over-rated...)


wipe away poverty...

mocha club and lady antebellum teamed up with the clorox "wipe it out" campaign for an ad in the latest version of country weekly.

[see the larger version here]

praying for peace.

despite another round of attempted peace talks over the weekend, northern Uganda continues to count the cost of war.
read this article to see some personal stories, and an example of how one village has been affected.


my new coworker.

meet titan, the newest member hanging around the mocha club office.
(and that's just a regular cup of coffee next to him, so you get an idea of his size)
unfortunately he belongs to somebody in the offices next to ours, and won't be around forever...but we're loving him while it lasts!


i saw someone else do this on their blog...a "participle list" if you will (and i will), so here's what i'm up to...

eating :: skinny pumpkin chip muffins (almost every morning) and clementines. lots and lots of clementines.

reading :: leaving microsoft to change the world

listening :: i'm randomly loving beyonce's new album (especially "save the hero") and missy higgins is continually playing on my ipod. and, of course, my pandora stations @ work!

preparing :: to get a new roommate at the end of the month!

mourning :: stafford & moreno leaving the dawgs :(

driving :: to atlanta for a wedding this weekend...to waco/dallas for a conference in a few weeks

praying :: for friends getting laid-off, as they seek and search for job answers.

wearing :: scarves. every. day.

anticipating :: my boss barrett's return home from africa next month

watching :: my shows that return this month...LOST, 24, and american idol! :)

loving :: my new macbook. it's kinda ridiculous.


all the single ladies...

my roommate's wedding was this past weekend (i'm getting to be a pro at the whole bridesmaid-thing...after april i'll have been in 10!) and after being seated together at the rehearsal dinner, some other girls in the wedding and i decided we'd form our own "single ladies club", complete with officers and everything.

and of course, here's our official theme song...

Beyoncé - I Am... Sasha Fierce (Deluxe Version) - Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)

but in all seriousness, i really am thankful for all of the single ladies in my life...for random roadtrips, for free schedules, for passionately pursuing our dreams.

of course i pray one day i'll get to "put a ring on it"...but for today, i'm so grateful to do life with these girls.