as i mentioned yesterday, i'm selling my condo!! it's a bittersweet thing. i really do love east nashville and walking to rumours east and marche and sky blue and ugly mugs. my home has been a huge blessing and i think of all of the bible studies and parties that i've hosted there. but, i think it's time for a new season. i went through the same bittersweet feelings when i moved to nashville 3 years ago, too, because let's face it -- change is hard.
{and honestly, the truth is, the Lord could not sell my condo. it may stay on the market and nothing happen...and then, obviously, i'll stay. aka: i really have no control in the outcome!}
but i'm confident that i'm supposed to take steps towards this move, and trust God for the rest. i would be downsizing to 1/2 the amount of square-footage i currently have, going from a 2br to a 1br, forcing me to live a little more simply.

if you know of anybody interested in a great 2br/2ba in east nashville -- send them my way! my real estate agent is my friend allen, and he or i would be happy to answer any questions!!

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Jules said...

Look at me! i'm reading your blog! Craziness ;) I love you and will be praying for your condo to sell if it's His will! See you in 15 days! ah! love you ~Julie