tuesday tunes - howie day.

howie day. if you're a fan of his, you might be time-warping back to 2001 like me. i can't even count how many times i saw him in 2001 and 2002 (i even saw him play in atlanta on 9/11 - weird, right?) so when my friend melissa said she had a +1 on the guest list to see him sunday night, i of course said YES!
i honestly hadn't heard much of howie in the past few years. i loved his first record, australia, and then he had his big single, "collide" come out in 2003/2004 (off the stop all the world now album) and then...nothing...for 6 years? howie, where did you go? well, apparently he's back with a new album, sound the alarm, that came out this past fall. you can actually stream the whole album on the website -- so go give it a listen for free!

i had forgotten how much i love his voice, and his crazy talent with looping -- playing solo but making it sound like a whole band!

here's one of my favorites, an oldie but a goodie -- "she says"...
(that he wrote when he was 15 - what?!)

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somewheresinginalong said...

LOVE IT :) Glad you could come with!