tuesday tunes - switchfoot.

though i'm probably a bigger fan of jon foreman's solo stuff, i do enjoy a lot of switchfoot's tunes.

their first album, the beautiful letdown, brought us classics like "dare you to move" and "meant to live". but it was their second album, nothing is sound, that i really loved. ("stars" acoustic version? yes, please.) then album #3, oh, gravity, i didn't really care for. so, when hello hurricane was released a couple months ago, i was a little hesitant. but it's actually really great!!
definitely worth a listen. check out one of my favorites: "your love is a song".

and here's the video for their song "this is home" from the chronicles of narnia soundtrack a couple years ago...


Alyson said...

Thank you for highlighting Switchfoot, but I must correct you... The Beautiful Letdown was not their first album, that belonged to The Legend of Chin back in 1997. But The Beautiful Letdown was probably their most "mainstream" of albums.


marisa said...

thanks for the correction, alyson! apparently i didn't do my homework...i think there were 2 others, too -- new way to be human and learning to breath. oops. so apparently i meant 1st album that i listened to :)