tuesday tunes - andrew ripp.

we all know i love discovering new amazing music.
i got to see this week's tune, andrew ripp, play last night and i was blown away. he's one of our new mocha club artists, so i've been hearing my staff talk about him -- but i had no idea how talented he really is. andrew's been on tour w/ ben rector (you remember him) and steve moakler as one third of the "3 amigos tour", so it made for a very enjoyable evening.

y'all. andrew's voice is ridiculous. i'd even venture to say flawless. definitely original, full of soul and passion. and he was just insane live. his debut album, fifty miles to chicago, came out in 2008, but andrew is in the studio making a new album right now (dave barnes is actually producing it) which should be out sometime this year. and he'll be out on tour opening for dave next month!

here's andrew singing one of my favorites, "dresden wine"... (get ready to LOVE this guy!)

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