things i love: southwest airlines.

so growing up in atlanta, you always fly delta. just like coke is all you know to drink, delta is all you know to fly. you have a drawer full of kiddie pilot wings and you get a skymiles number as soon as you're old enough to say "seat backs and tray tables".

but when i moved to nashville, i discovered a new airline, and literally, my flying-life was changed.
welcome to southwest airlines...welcome to the new way to fly. (it wasn't “ranked #1 friendliest airline” by time.com for nothin')

here are my top 5 reasons why i LUV southwest:
5. the flight attendants are funny! for example, i once heard: "your seat cushion may be used as a flotation device...or to hit your neighbor..." they just plain 'ol make flying f-u-n. (see video below)
4. no assigned seating. (and no 1st class) though the whole "checking-in-within-24-hours-of-your-flight" unique boarding process takes a little getting used to (yes, i was C40 on my first flight...) once you know how to work the system, it's like winning a game when you can get in boarding class A - and hence guarantee your window seat. (competitive person alert)
3. rapid rewards - easy to get, easy to cash in. more free flights = always a good thing.
2. DING fares! just set-up your city and once or twice a day you'll hear a little "DING!" on your computer alerting you of good deals. (this is how i flew to chicago for $35 one way and to seattle for $79 one way!)
1. bags fly FREE. yes, that's plural. up to two bags..FREE. can i get an "amen"?

oh - and did you make a mistake in your online booking and accidentally put june 28 instead of may 28? (i mean, i don't know who would do that...) don't worry about it - you can change it- no problem, no fees. and wait, the may flight is cheaper? alright - we'll credit your account the difference.

and don't even get me started on how much i LUV "the rapping flight attendant"....


Jamie said...

I've never flown Southwest, but man does this make me want to!!!!

Hawley said...

hahah great post, Marisa! :) Yes, flying Southwest can be pretty great. The only thing is they don't fly everywhere... To fly Southwest from DC you had to drive all the way to Baltimore! But it's definitely great for cheap, fun flights :)

So glad you're enjoying your flying experiences. hehe!