a wee update.

well, 1 week and hours of traveling later, i am back on US soil. my week in the UK was a wonderful vacation with three of my best friends. many memories and stories, and the kind of laughs and experiences that you just can't recreate. sadly, somewhere between ireland & scotland (and our combination of a ferry + 3 trains) i lost my camera. (the last thing i remember taking a picture of is sheep out the window from the train - so i'm blaming those darn sheep!) so, needless to say, i only have a few pictures- those captured on my iphone. my other friends took lots of pics, so hopefully someday soon i'll have more. but, this will have to do for now... cheers!
first stop: mary katherine & i arrive in dublin...
{this is from the top floor of the guinness storehouse - "the gravity bar" = best view of the city!}
next up: a trip to northern ireland...
{this was my favorite - the famous giant's causeway. breathtakingly beautiful.}

[the rest of these are taken with my hipstamatic iphone app - i'm obsessed!]

then, we met up with sarah & bronwen in scotland...
{dinner in edinburgh - we definitely ate well & often, enjoying each other's company over fabulous food!}
{we toured edinburgh castle & climbed arthur's seat - this is the view from the top!}
{and what trip to europe would be complete without a stop at h&m? though we do have them in the states now, the european version is a little more fun...}
{not pictured: a day trip up to pitlochry, where we rented bikes & got lost in the highlands of scotland. many-a-visit to local pubs (the world cup on tv!) & cafes (including the elephant house - where jk rowling wrote a lot of harry potter!!). and the crazy hostels we stayed in (i'd recommend them all: isaacs in dublin, belfast int'l youth hostel, & art roch in edinburgh).}

if you happen to be on a train in scotland anytime soon and see a small, purple nikon, wouldya grab it for me? thanks.

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Christine said...

awww nuts, that stinks about losing your camera! but these photos are cute! glad you had a great vacay!