i'm using my degree!

you may or may not know that i was an advertising major at the university of georgia. yup, a bachelors of arts in journalism from the grady college of journalism & mass communication. i loved my major and the unique and interesting classes i got to take - like "advertising and society", "message strategy", & even a graphic design class (of which i have pretty much forgotten everything). but, after a trip with the ad club to new york city spring of my junior year to visit the top dog advertising agencies on madison avenue, and witnessing the reality of a life in that field (aka climbing to the top of the proverbial corporate ladder), i began to realize my desire for a different path. for the sake of graduating on time (i was already going an extra semester...maybe for another football season?!) i decided to stick with my major, but i really didn't think i'd use those skills much in "the real world".

fast forward 6 years later. i'm working in the non-profit world for an organization i LOVE. (mocha club, duh.) while my job titles (yes, plural) and roles and responsibilities have been deep and wide, i'm finally settling into a niche. my boss continues to turn to me for messaging and branding advice. i'm heading up campaigns and leading the charge in marketing initiatives. i'm using my degree!!! i do love the other parts of my job currently... things like managing our campus rep program and hiring & managing our interns, or helping to plan big events like this one... but it's tapping back into this creative thinking that gets me most excited.

i love re-visiting the strategies and skills that those classes taught me years ago.
who would have thought that things would come this full circle? that i'd get to use these things in an environment that i love. more proof that you never know how God is preparing you for the future.

and now there is so much more knowledge available... i just want to soak it all in! one of our summer interns, mary catherine (she has her own great blog) directed me to matchstic - a branding company out of atlanta, and i can't get enough of their blog.

i'm super excited about where mocha club is headed, especially in this realm. stay tuned for some exciting new things down the road...

fyi, my next 2 books on this subject are:
do you have any books or blogs you recommend?

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