tuesday tunes - howie day.

howie day. if you're a fan of his, you might be time-warping back to 2001 like me. i can't even count how many times i saw him in 2001 and 2002 (i even saw him play in atlanta on 9/11 - weird, right?) so when my friend melissa said she had a +1 on the guest list to see him sunday night, i of course said YES!
i honestly hadn't heard much of howie in the past few years. i loved his first record, australia, and then he had his big single, "collide" come out in 2003/2004 (off the stop all the world now album) and then...nothing...for 6 years? howie, where did you go? well, apparently he's back with a new album, sound the alarm, that came out this past fall. you can actually stream the whole album on the website -- so go give it a listen for free!

i had forgotten how much i love his voice, and his crazy talent with looping -- playing solo but making it sound like a whole band!

here's one of my favorites, an oldie but a goodie -- "she says"...
(that he wrote when he was 15 - what?!)



as i mentioned yesterday, i'm selling my condo!! it's a bittersweet thing. i really do love east nashville and walking to rumours east and marche and sky blue and ugly mugs. my home has been a huge blessing and i think of all of the bible studies and parties that i've hosted there. but, i think it's time for a new season. i went through the same bittersweet feelings when i moved to nashville 3 years ago, too, because let's face it -- change is hard.
{and honestly, the truth is, the Lord could not sell my condo. it may stay on the market and nothing happen...and then, obviously, i'll stay. aka: i really have no control in the outcome!}
but i'm confident that i'm supposed to take steps towards this move, and trust God for the rest. i would be downsizing to 1/2 the amount of square-footage i currently have, going from a 2br to a 1br, forcing me to live a little more simply.

if you know of anybody interested in a great 2br/2ba in east nashville -- send them my way! my real estate agent is my friend allen, and he or i would be happy to answer any questions!!


get your {gulch} group on.

groupon. do you know about this site? it's my new obsession. cause a good deal? i love it.
basically, it utilizes collective buying power...you sign-up for your city, and each day they offer a killer discount for local businesses. if enough people sign up for it, the deal is ON!
then, repeat...every day is a new deal.

here's 2 deals that i've recently purchased:
- $15 for $30 worth of wine + food at the wine loft
- $25 for $55 worth of clothes, shoes, & accessories at nashville clothing company boutique (which is my friend tiffany's store -- check it out if you live in nashville!!)

AND (get ready for the segue) ...both of these just happen to be located in the gulch. the area of nashville i'm obsessed with. {you remember this post!!} where a little building called the velocity was just built that i might have signed a contract for this week. {eeee!!!}

more to come on my potential upcoming move... but the skinny of it is i'm downsizing from a 2br to a 1 br, so i can afford a mortgage by myself. my contract is contingent on my current place selling, so we'll see if and when my place sells...


silence is golden.

this year for lent, instead of giving something up, my community group has decided to welcome something into our lives...silence. our goal is this: 30 minutes of silence weekly for prayer, for rest, for renewal, for restoration...for listening. it can be 30 minutes at once, or 5 minutes a day spread throughout the whole week.
if you're anything like me, silence makes you uncomfortable. i'll admit it...i like noise. i love music. i enjoy the sounds around me. but -- it makes hearing the still, small whisper kinda...well...impossible.
i love the way rob bell puts it describing his nooma: noise video:

Why is silence so hard to deal with? Why is it so much easier for us to live our lives with a lot of things going on all the time that to just be in silence? We're constantly surrounded with "voices" that are influencing us on how to think, feel, and behave. Movies, music, TV, Internet, cell phones, and a never-ending barrage of advertising. There's always something going on. Always noise in our lives. But maybe there's a connection between the amount of noise in our lives and our inability to hear God. If God sometimes feels distant to us, maybe it's not because he's not talking to us, but simply because we aren't really listening.

and here's the trailer for the video:

"the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind tore the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. and after the fire the sound of a gentle whisper." 1 kings 19:11-12

...learning to listen...


tuesday tunes - ben rector.

out of all the up-and-coming musicians coming out of nashville, ben rector is emerging as a front-runner. this guy is a killer songwriter, musician, and singer. not to mention a super nice guy. and he supports mocha club on brite!

it's hard to pick some favorite songs off his previous 2 albums, twenty tomorrow and songs that duke wrote, because i really like them all... but i think "associated," "hank," and "early morning riser" are for sure worth a listen.

and ben's got a new album out today, into the morning. i'm pretty confident this is one you'll want to get. you can preview the album here.

but just to get a taste of his talent, here's a video i know you'll love - a unique cover of "free falling"...



another february 14th...another GALentines day for me. (if you don't watch parks & recreation - amy poehler's character calls for galentines day - ladies celebrating ladies. hilarious.)
saturday night a group of gals (who i am super thankful for) headed to the wine loft in the gulch and then sunday night we gave-in to the stereotypical v-day chick flick: valentines day. talk about a hyped movie. julia roberts. anne hathaway. jennifer garner. topher grace. ashton kutcher. bradley cooper. jamie foxx. and about a dozen other stars. it was very love actually-esque...with crossover storylines and break-ups and make-ups. not horrible, if you go in expecting just that.
here's the trailer if you haven't seen it yet:

but all silly lovey-dovey marketing aside...i did manage to break away and get good time with the one True Love in my life, to focus on the truths the Lord speaks to my heart. things like isaiah 62:3-4: "for the Lord delights in you...and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you." and paul's words in ephesians 3.. "And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge.."

i hope that regardless if your facebook status reads "married," "single," or "it's complicated," that you know there is One who loves you unconditionally and fully. every day of the year.
and His love never fails.


majestic mountains

i had the opportunity to travel to vail, colorado this past weekend (one of my favorite places on earth). every time i get to go to the Rockies, i experience God in a unique way. i look at those mountains, and can't help but think: Greatness. Majesty. that's one of the {many} reasons why i enjoy snowboarding more than skiing -- because i can just stop, sit, and smell the roses stare at the mountains.
and just...be.

saturday morning i woke up, opened my journal, and began to write about how incredibly blessed and thankful i am. here i was, sitting in a beautiful home, with a magnificent fireplace in front of me, snow covered mountains out the window, flurries falling outside, a warm cup of coffee, sweet friends in the other room, about to go snowboarding on some of the best trails in the world.
and i doubt if God loves me and gives great gifts?

i all too often create my own counterfeit "majesty" in my head -- what i think would be really great and impressive...if only God would consider my advice. it's so humbling to realize how our definition of greatness is so small and finite.
He wants to give us more than we could ever hope or imagine.
the God who formed the mountains has also formed our innermost beings.
the God who spoke the world into existence is also speaking to our hearts.
{"the voice of the LORD is full of Majesty" psalm 29:4}

tuesday tunes - kings of leon.

i know, i know...it's technically wednesday. but i've been swamped. so this will just have to do.

ok, i'm sure you've heard of kings of leon at this point. you've heard their two singles from the past year, "sex on fire" or "use somebody"...you've seen them win a grammy for record of the year (and best rock song...and best rock performance). not to mention they've opened for U2, bob dylan, and pearl jam.
so, obviously, they're good. (and they're nashville boys!)

i love their whole latest album, only by the night. it's one of those i can just play all the way through, and love every song. KOL have 3 previous albums, dating back to 2003, but i haven't listened to them much. do you have favorite songs off the old albums?

here's the latest single from only by the night, "notion":


tuesday tunes - switchfoot.

though i'm probably a bigger fan of jon foreman's solo stuff, i do enjoy a lot of switchfoot's tunes.

their first album, the beautiful letdown, brought us classics like "dare you to move" and "meant to live". but it was their second album, nothing is sound, that i really loved. ("stars" acoustic version? yes, please.) then album #3, oh, gravity, i didn't really care for. so, when hello hurricane was released a couple months ago, i was a little hesitant. but it's actually really great!!
definitely worth a listen. check out one of my favorites: "your love is a song".

and here's the video for their song "this is home" from the chronicles of narnia soundtrack a couple years ago...