{ more to come on my long weekend in texas.. }
but i just have to share about the book i started + finished on my flights to & from the lone star state...
bossypants - by none other than ms. tina fey.
it's a memoir slash here's-what-has-happened-in-my-life-and-i'm-gonna-tell-you-my-opinions-about-it.
you know it's a gonna be good when the back cover copy has you laughing out loud... (full of fake self- deprecating quotes)
"totally worth it" -- trees
"i hope that's not really the cover. that's really going to hurt sales." -- don fey, father of tina fey
as npr calls it - "honest & intimate"... with "a comedic voice that is totally her own" says the ny times... and "loaded with personality" according to time.

bossypants is a reminder of what tina fey is so good at... writing.
(she was a writer for snl all of those years ya know) so grab a copy and laugh out loud for yourself.

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Tay said...

Hey, I just want you to know that I love your blog. Reading your blog posts always make my day! Love you!

Every time I think of you I thank God for you. (Phil. 1:3)