tuesday tunes - justin beiber.

yah, you read that right... today i am highlighting justin bieber.
why? because along with 11 other late-20-somethings... we went to see never say never in 3D last week... and LOVED it.

sure, i've been a bieber fan, but just enough that i'd like to play some songs in my spin class (remember he made #1 on my top 10 of oh-ten!) .. but after seeing the film, i'm seriously impressed with this guy. i'd venture to say i have "the fever".
my new fav is the acoustic version of baby.
oh - and have you seen this little gem? precious home-made video from 2007.

his newest album (coinciding with the movie) never say never: the remixes just released last week on itunes - my favorite remains "somebody to love" but "never say never" featuring cutie-pie jaden smith is a close 2nd.

and here's a trailer for the movie (which i highly recommend!)...


tuesday tunes - civil wars: barton hallow.

i first mentioned the civil wars last may, after seeing them live a couple of times and loving their first ep, poison & wine. and now... the rest of the world has realized their awesomeness, too. the duo released their full-length album, barton hallow, a couple of weeks ago and was the #1 album on itunes! i had the pleasure of seeing them live the day after the release, and fell in love with every song on this album. beautiful, haunting harmonies... simple, catchy melodies... strong, mysterious lyrics. joy and john paul just do it right.
listen for yourself... here's the title track, "barton hallow":


friday flicks - double dream hands.

cannot get enough of this one..

even better? my friends lauren & matt post-superbowl doin the dance...


tuesday tunes - josh wilson.

don't forget drew holcomb & the neighbors' (last week's band) new album comes out today, too!

today's tune is nashvillian josh wilson- a super talented singer, songwriter, & musician. his third studio album, see you, comes out today and it is solid. (major cool points that he plays 18 different instruments throughout the record!)

i've had the privilege of getting my hands on this one early (i can't reveal my sources) and have definitely been playing it on repeat. i love the title track, "see you".. as well as "fall apart" - both discussing the struggle to fight to see God at work when life is hard.

the first single "i refuse" is great, too. here's the video...



well...i would never really call myself that (i'll leave that up to amber). but this past weekend i did get a little glimpse into the fashion world when i went to the atlanta apparel market with fashionABLE. we were given a premier spot on the floor and had the opportunity to really build some brand awareness and establish some new retail accounts to carry our scarves.
{and we ate really well, too - i am now obsessed with south city kitchen & two urban licks!}

our fashionABLE team for the weekend:

sweet mary catherine - an original fashionABLE fashionista:

speaking of fashionABLE scarves... today only we're offering FREE SHIPPING for valentine's day...and some fabulous new styles + colors.
how loveABLE is that?


tuesday tunes - drew holcomb & the neighbors.

i'm so excited to tell you guys about today's band - drew holcomb & the neighbors.
{you may remember them from the dave barnes christmas tour.}
fun fact: they actually are my east nashville neighbors!

drew and the band have a brand new album coming out next week called
chasing someday.
i've had the privilege of getting my hands on this one a little early, and let me be the first to tell you -- it. is. awesome. i've been a fan of drew for awhile (and i love that his wife, ellie, is in the band, too!!), but i think this record has the potential to take them to the next level. every song is full of life and harmonies and powerful lyrics. (my personal fav is track #3 - "live forever".)
and i'm super proud of one of my bested buds, andy, for producing this album. he's real good, y'all.

you can get the first single, "fire and dynamite" on itunes right now (and the new music video for it out TODAY starring a ton of my friends!) - and go ahead and pre-order the record (out february 8). i promise you'll want to play it on repeat.

and here's a little video of the making of this record- featuring the song "hourglass"...