tuesday tunes - new gungor.

gungor completely blew me away with their last album, beautiful things. i'm not exaggerating when i say i played "beautiful things" and "we will run" on repeat over 50 times. and everywhere i turned people were talking about these guys, and their unique out-of-the-box worship music.

and now they've done it again, with ghosts upon the earth (out last tuesday). i was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy a few weeks ago and was immediately in love with every song.
personal favorite = "this is not the end".

and i don't even know how to prepare you for this video. just wait for 1:35...


first day of fall.

that's right. today is the day. every year i anticipate this season more than any other. sure, summer has it's perks (tanning by the pool, popsicles, and more daylight... just to name a few).
but, if you know me at all, you know that i am a self-proclaimed SWEAT-er. that's right - i sweat at the first little hint of heat. and i know it sometimes make me a miserable person to be around. so give me crisp, cool air and the option to put on some layers* without perspiring and i am one happy gal (and much more pleasant company).
and, of course, putting a little pumpkin spice into my starbucks coffee never hurts, too.

how are you welcoming in the fall?
*may i suggest a fashionABLE scarf?

{see also: my "love song for fall" reflection from last year.}


tuesday tunes - needtobreathe.

oh man, i love me some needtobreathe.
remember their last album that i played on repeat in my car for months? yah, i still love it.
but, it's been 2 years and some new music from these boys is long overdue. (though, seeing them at the ryman last november filled the void for a little while.)

but today, my friends, the wait is over. the newest needtobreathe album (album #4) the reckoning is out! this is very much anticipated, as the band has been blowing up on the music scene -- no biggie, they've just been opening for taylor swift this fall!

the first single, "slumber" has been out for a couple months, and i have definitely had it on constant replay. and i cannot WAIT for this whole album. i can guarantee i will be playing it on repeat for months to come.

here's "slumber"... (and then check out the whole album on itunes!)


an explanation + 31 days news!

well, blog-friends. there's no excuse, but it's time to face the facts: i have not been a very consistent blogger as of late. i only had 5 posts in july (let's blame that on peru) and 8 in august (recovering from peru. starting to plan a wedding) and now we're over halfway through september and i only have one post! i even just blatantly left out a tuesday tune (gasp!) -- can we chalk that one up to labor day weekend & i just didn't want to do any kind of labor? (a stretch, i know.)

but here's the good (and somewhat intimidating) news -- i am going to be blogging every day in october. that's 31 days in case you weren't aware. cue some anxiety.
why would i want to submit to such a task as this? i guess i'm a sucker for a challenge.
and i completely blame credit my friend annie, who is what i like to call a REAL blogger (you know, she makes it a priority and stuff... oh yah, and she's a legit author.) well, annie told me about her blogging friend the nester who does a "31 days of fill-in-the-blank" -- a little challenge to write about a topic of your choice every day in october. i had mentioned to annie that i should blog about my wedding planning... working in a budget, making do-it-yourself crafts, and staying sane thru it all. and she mentioned the challenge. and i said "oooo, that sounds fun" (brief moment of insanity)
so -- you guys are my witnesses. i have a feeling some sleep might be sacrificed here, but for the month of october i am hereby committing to blog for 31 days.
get. excited.


tuesday tunes - ben rector new album!

we all know i'm a ben rector fan... but today i am extra excited about ben's newest album, something like this.
and it's not even because there's 2 songs on there that jeff co-wrote with ben (well, maybe just a little)... but really it's because the whole album is so good.
my 2 favs just happen to be the 2 jeff co-wrote: "she is" and "never gonna let you go" (you can preview them all on itunes)... but seriously, get the whole album. you're gonna love it.
(here's a live video of "she is" from the spring!)

and what's better than a new ben album? ben performing those songs live. he's hitting the road this fall with andrew belle on a mocha club tour - go check them out!

also, for some laughs, watch this video...