tuesday tunes - christmas re-cap.

ok people. christmas is in 5 days! (i can't believe it either) so if you're not feelin in the spirit yet, might i suggest some festive music?

here's a little re-cap of what i've brought you this season...

and as if that wasn't enough -- don't forget last year's holiday tunes...

happy listening & merry christmas!


30, flirty, & thriving.

wow. today i am 30. i am an adult. i can no longer blame things on the ignorance of my youthful 20s. yes, it feels like the turning of a big page...
but 29 brought some pretty amazing things for this girl. and i am more confident than ever before of God's faithfulness and plans as i enter this year.

want to know some cool things about 30? (thanks to wikipedia)

- the total number of major and minor keys in western tonal music
- the minimum age for united states senators
- the code for international direct dial phone calls to greece
- the number of tracks on the beatles' eponymous album, known as The White Album
- at age 30 (according to most biblical scholars) Jesus was baptized by john the baptist, at the beginning of his public ministry of teaching and healing.
- in tennis, the number 30 represents the second point gained in a game.

are you 30+? what did you love about entering this decade?

*blog title comes from one of my favorite movies thriteen going on thirty!


tuesday tunes - civil wars christmas.

(i know. it's wednesday. sorry.)

we all know i love me some civil wars. and boy have they blown up this year (grammy nods? yup.)
i didn't even know i had some christmas songs by this lovely duo -- but lo and behold, as i had my holiday music on shuffle, on comes 2 sweet tunes. (apparently you could get it for free last year & i did!) one is a hauntingly beautiful version of "o come emmanuel" and the other is an original "tracks in the snow". if you love the harmony and folky acoustic sound of the civil wars, you'll be glad to get these 2 songs, too.

here's "tracks in the snow"...


tuesday tunes - josh wilson christmas.

life is nothing short of crazy these days. but for your listening pleasure, here's our buddy josh wilson singing the christmas version of "sing" (which jeff co-wrote!) :) ....

"sing" is a part of josh's christmas ep, and what you should really try to do is check out his christmas tour if he's coming near you over the next few weeks... we got to see a preview here (pic below) and it. is. awesome. 2 guys playing 20+ instruments. you'll love it.


favorite things 2011.

you may remember my "favorite things" list i did this past january (post-christmas).
well, i'm excited to join a group of ladies in the blog world sharing about some of my favorite things under $30 for the holiday season! so, in no particular order....

i sure hope this isn't the first you're hearing of these books (i can assure you it won't be the last) -- i'm in the middle of book 3 and just adore this little trilogy. (side note: stoked for the movie in a few months, too!) you can get all 3 books for under $30? deal.

voluspa candles {anthropologie - $18}
i have yet to find a candle i love more than these. amazing scents and in beautiful tins. these are the best!!

fashionABLE scarves {livefashionABLE.com - $19-42}
this is my personal favorite right now -- the etanesh stripes. it's technically $32, but i've got some insider info that they'll be on sale next week for $24 (wink wink)!! you're not gonna want to miss that.

branch hooks {urban outfitters - $20}
speaking of scarves... you need a place to hang them, right? i LOVE these hooks from urban. i have one for my necklaces & one for my scarves. (they come in sets of 2!)

"modernist" bowls & mugs {west elm - $8 each}
i had put them on my registry and got them at my first shower -- and i am totally in love! they're porcelain and inspired by 1950s diners... your morning coffee & cereal will thank you.

what are some of YOUR favorite things this season..??