dear dillon.

dear dillon: an ode to friday night lights*.

dear dillon, you have won my heart.
but now the time has come to part.
we spent many a night, in laughter & tears.
watching you evolve over five years.
lyla & tyra, and becky too,
we'd be good friends, i know it's true.
julie & matt-- so happy for you guys,
but you getting married is really no surprise.
and tim riggins? you steal hearts like it's your job,
(a better reason for jail than the cars you "robbed")
smash, luke, & vince, there's no doubt,
you guys showed us what teamwork's about.
high school football's more than just skills on the field,
we saw the character, strength, & hope it yields.
how it redeemed your stories, it's hard to describe,
but for those who've seen it, they know why...
coach taylor, you turned those boys into men,
no matter where you go, you'll do it again.
while you give to your program your self, your life,
you keep your priorities, fiercely loving your wife.
and mrs. t -- oh, where to even begin,
i'd love my marriage to look like y'all's from within.
your lives radiate grace, whether you know it or not,
(the taylors are my favorite part of the plot)
dear dillon, let's meet up at the alamo freeze,
because our only other choice is the applebee's (barf)
the week is over, we've only one more fight,
and it's gonna happen under those friday night lights.
so go panthers, go lions, i don't wanna choose,
it's always clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

*jeff and i watched the entire series (5 seasons!) in just a few months, and never before has a show affected my emotions so deeply. i highly recommend it to anybody (streaming on netflix right now!), football fan or not. you'll fall in love with the characters and the authenticity of their lives played out on screen.

texas forever.

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Amy said...

THIS WAS AMAZING. Almost as good as the show itself. Unreal. Love it. Thanks for immortalizing FNL :)