HONEYMOON stuff with my HUSBAND.

those are 2 "H" words that still feel kinda weird to own!
i'm so grateful to whoever invented the idea that you should take a week vacation after your wedding... for so many reasons that week is vital to the health of you as individuals and your marriage. it is by far the most quality time you get to spend together - nobody else, no other distractions, just learning more about each other in every way... becoming one.

we decided to go the simpler route for this trip, and save up for a big europe vacation when we have a little more money, time, & energy (aka not post wedding!) and chose the sunny southern california city of san diego! we did 3 nights at a precious bed & breakfast in the hillcrest neighborhood (hillcrest house) and then 2 nights downtown at the hotel indigo -- so a little bit of quaint and a little bit of swanky!

we toured a lighthouse, visited museums (balboa park!), & drove up the coast... went to brunch, a brewery (stone - we wish we could have spent more time here!), and cozy cafes. it was perfect. here's a little snapshot:

morning coffee at the bed & breakfast

the view from our hotel room downtown

yummy brunch at hash house

whale watching on point loma

some say that the term honeymoon comes from "the idea that the first month of marriage is the sweetest" ... we're about to see, as we near rounding out our first month! but i have hope that it's only going to get sweeter from here :)

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Christine said...

ahhhhh, looks absolutely perfect. i heart the pardos.