PINTEREST IS FOR REAL: clean green chicken salad!

i'm starting a new series called PINTEREST IS FOR REAL. because let's be honest -- we can pin things all day long and, as inspired as we are, never actually do anything about it. i've got a plethora of DIY-crafts to attempt, styles to try on for size, and oh so many recipes to make.

so this week i decided to try a few of those recipes out (remember "braking for breakfast"? both pinterest-inspired yummy treats!). i also did these zucchini boats - YUM!

here's the first one i'm going through step-by-step for you. i'm calling it "clean green chicken salad" because everything in it is good for you (and mostly green!). {first pinned here linking to this site.}

ingredients include everything in the photo to the right:
- green onion
- cilantro
- limes
- avocados
- plus 1 tbsp organic mayo and salt & pepper to taste.
**i used about 1/2 package of cilantro & 3 stalks of green onion & chopped them up. i used 3 limes, and actually added 1 more avocado than the picture, so had 3 avocados, too -- but would probably go back to 2 next time. it's all a matter of preference/taste!! so experiment with what you like.

next up -- get your chicken! i bought trader joe's already-cooked rotisserie chicken & shredded it up (about 1 pound).

then you just mix it all together, and voila! a delicious and not overly mayonaise-y chicken salad! i served mine on a bed of lettuce with some multigrain tortilla chips on the side. you could put it in a salad, as a sandwich, or whatever you want! great as leftovers, too.

(makes about 4 cups.)

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Christine said...

looks sooooooooo good.