reading list.

i thought i'd share a little bit about my favorite books as of late...

the 2 books i've just finished:

1. the hunger games trilogy - suzanne collins
oh. em. gee. have you guys read this series? i'll admit i was a little skeptical of a story about kids battling to the death in an arena, but i fell in love with those characters. i even convinced my husband to read them and now he's almost done with them all, too. and don't even get me started about how excited i am for THE MOVIE!!

2. the meaning of marriage - tim keller.
jeff and i read this in the months leading up to our marriage and could not be bigger fans of this book. i highly recommend it for anybody who is married, wants to be married, knows somebody who is married, or wants to love & be loved well in general. (aka: everybody should read this book).

the 2 books i've just ordered off amazon*:

1. when helping hurts - brian fikkert
pretty much everybody i know in the international development world had told me i should read this book (i think i'm the last one at work who hasn't) and now i'm a part of a community development class at church that is discussing similar issues, so i decided it's beyond time to dive in. i'm looking forward to some continued education in a field i love!

i have a really good feeling about this one. you know mindy from the office. but what you may not know is that she is pretty hilarious (she's responsible for writing a lot of the office episodes!) and just look at the back cover photo... you know it's gonna be good. i'm thinking this will be along the same lines as tina fey's bossypants (which i LOVED), so needless to say... i'm stoked.

what's on your reading list?

* i accidentely signed-up for amazon prime. and now i have free 2-day shipping for a year. so i may or may not be ordering an extraordinarily large amount of books this year.


Lindsey said...

Your list is very similar to my own. I just finished the Meaning of Marriage a couple of weeks ago. It is filled with SO much rich truth. I'm single but if God blesses me with the gift of marriage, this book will certainly help to establish some foundational principles for that covenant.

I actually ordered Mindy Kaling's book and it should be here any day. Excited to read that. I loved Bossy Pants by Tina Fey so I am looking forward to another booky by a funny female!

Jamie said...

Yay! I also loved Hunger Games and am also now reading Meaning of Marriage and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me. :) Other books I'm reading right now are Orange Jumpsuit by Tara Leigh Cobble and The Social Animal by David Brooks. Enjoying both so far!

Christine said...

YESSSS HUnger Games movie!! Counting down the days!