trader joe's top 10 - part FIVE.

it's true. i have FOUR OTHER installments of my trader joe's top 10 -- one. two. three. four. (i need to start getting commission.)
also -- i told y'all about my I HEART TJ's cookbook -- i've been LOVING cooking from that thing. so fun!

ok, so i've got my next top 10 for ya (i can't believe it's been almost a year!) here we go...

10. salmon burgers // frozen pack of 4 -- you can bake 'em, grill 'em, or pan fry 'em. a super easy way to get in those omega-3's!

9. fresh hard-cooked peeled eggs // yup, just how it sounds. they take out all of the hard work of hard-boiled eggs for you -- already cooked, already peeled. just add salt & pepper and enjoy!

8. sugar grinder // it's sugar, chocolate, & coffee beans -- grind it over ice cream, berries, whatever you want! the perfect sweet topper.

7. greek yogurt // get the TJ's brand (i get the nonfat plain) -- comes in a big value tub, too! have you hopped on the greek train yet? yes, it's more tart, but just add a little agave or stevia and you are good to go. (i like mine with granola & berries, too!)

6. cocoa drizzle kettle corn // self-explanatory. i bought this around the holidays and it was heaven. sweet & salty just how i like it. warning: you'll want to eat the whole bag.

5. multigrain croissants // in the frozen section -- let the dough sit out while you pre-heat your oven & then they bake to fluffy flaky yumminess in 20 minutes. perfect compliment to a dinner party. (note: i used the toaster oven! and they will stick to your pan - definitely use a little oil!)

4. almond milk // we're trying to cut out excessive dairy where we can (don't worry - i'm not giving up my cheese just yet).. TJ's brand of almond milk comes in a big container & lasts longer than those other brands. (we like the vanilla unsweetened one) -- great for cereal and coffee!

3. mandarin orange chicken // people have been talking about this stuff for a long time, but i was afraid to try it because i knew i'd love it and it's not exactly the most healthy. true and true. but it sure is tasty with some brown rice & steamed broccoli. a special treat :)

2. pressed coconut oil // yay! one less grocery trip for me (i used to get this at whole foods) -- i use coconut oil to cook everything on the stove (meat, vegetables, eggs) -- it's the best cooking oil!! fyi: keep this one in the fridge once it's opened.

1. TJ's packaged pasta // find them refrigerated near the hummus and salsa -- our favorites are butternut squash stuffed triangle pasta & goat cheese/sundried tomato ravioli. just boil for 5ish minutes and then add your favorites (we like grilled chicken and steamed veggies). instant amazing meal.

oh man, now i'm hungry.

what am i missing? do you have any trader joe's favorites lately?


Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Yum! I really should try the salmon burgers...they sound good! We LOVE the mandarin chicken, the kettle corn, and the spicy mongolian beef with broccoli over rice. I also really love their corn salsa. Now I'm hungry.....

marisa said...

i'll have to try the mongolian beef jess!

Anonymous said...

Their frozen Indian dishes are the most authentic I've ever had outside of India. Try their Paneer Tikka Masala for a super yummy treat. It's got a little kick to it, so I add a little sour cream or plain yogurt to it, but it's not really a spicy dish, so adding nothing would be fine as well.

Also, their frozen garlic naan is great. Just pop it in a preheated oven for a few minutes, and it's ready to go!

Christine said...

i miss trader joe's dried unsulphured apricots :(

marisa said...

don't know who you are "Anonymous" but i will heed your advice & try the indian dishes!!
and CB -- yes another reason you should move to nashville ;)

jennifer said...

i cant wait to try what you like.... i never make it out of there without a box of maple leaf cookies, those are my favorite =) Hope you are enjoying being a newly wed!!! 1.14 is my bday so ill always remember your wedding date, lol!!!