tuesday tunes - NEW audrey assad.

i mentioned audrey assad's last record in the winter of 2010. the Lord really used that album to speak to my soul in that season. no kidding, i listened to that thing on repeat for weeks. what i said about that album is true for this next one as well...:
"...i feel like her song lyrics are just ripped right out of my journal. they're so raw and genuine and full of every emotion we experience, cries of joy and pain and confusion and wonder. and the melodies are beautiful and unique. and did i mention she has the voice of an angel?"
this new album, heart, is out today, and is full of little gems. here audrey explains why it's called heart (kinda nice for valentine's day today!) -- a look into the honesty & courage from her own heart and the story behind some of the songs.
and here are some favs...

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