tuesday tunes - green river ordinance.

first, let me apologize for completely missing last week. even in crazy times, i always try to at-least keep up with tuesday tunes. but, alas, last week i did not keep up. i failed you, my faithful blog followers. (reality: i'm sure most of you didn't even notice my absence!)
which, leads me to a quick detour before tuesday tunes... i LOVE this little piece of word-art i found on fashionABLE's pinterest: (quick plug to follow them!!)

ok, but now onto tuesday tunes... this week's band: GREEN RIVER ORDINANCE.
these texas boys are so much fun, and just released their newest album, under fire. after a roller coaster of a journey the last decade, GRO says this album is a new start, and something they're super proud of. (here's a glimpse of the story -- and you can hear my favorite song on the album "love laid down")
personally, under fire is my favorite of everything they've released. i can't stop listening. (but if you want some of their older stuff for free, go here.)

see for yourself >> here's the first single "heart of me"...

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