tuesday tunes - hunger games soundtrack.

in honor of seeing the movie this weekend (notes on that below) i'm highlighting the soundtrack. none of the songs are actually featured in the movie, but they all feel like they just accompany it somehow.
i love the haunting "safe and sound" by taylor swift (and featuring the civil wars) ... i have worn. out. that song in my itunes! a close second is arcade fire's (y'all know i love them) "abraham's daughter" ... it just feels very battle-song-ish. taylor and the civil wars both have other songs on the album as well ("eyes open" and "kingdom come", respectively) which are both great. i really like a new side of maroon 5 with "come away to the water" and miranda lambert's "run daddy run". sadly, one of my usual favorites, glen hansard (from the swell season) has a tune -- "take the heartland" that i don't really care for. also featured on this soundtrack: kid cudi, the decemberists, and neko case.

here's the hauntingly beautiful video for "safe and sound"....

ok, now for the movie. thoughts? i really enjoyed it. it moved emotions in me just as the book did (oh man, though i knew it was coming, i just weeped in the rue scene.) i do wish there could have been more of the 1st person narrative and details that the book had, but the reality is it's really hard to fit that much story into 2 1/2 hours of film. so, all in all, i was pleased. and can't wait til november 2013 for movie #2!!!


Jenna said...

I'm glad someone else was disappointed in the Glen Hansard song. I have to skip over it every time.

allea grummert said...

I was thinking the same thing about the 1st person perspective - that's the whole book, so I was surprised we didn't get more of her insight during the movie.

It was so well done - the colors, the casting. Beautiful!

Have you read the second or third books yet?