tuesday tune - karmin.

if you've spent any time on youtube, you've probably seen the ridiculously awesome videos covering the latest pop tunes from karmin.
karmin = nick, a guy with some killer beats and guitar/piano skills + amy, a girl with a sick voice and ability to rap some rhymes. (amy is also known for her crazy hair!) the duo met at the berklee college of music, and signed with a label last summer (after their youtube videos had already gained them crazy popularity!) here are some of my favorite videos:

"look at me now" (over 62 million views? yup. insane.)

"scrubs" (throw back to high school!)

"price tag" (oh yah -- nick can play trombone & the box drum, too?!)

and now? they've put out a song of their own. "brokenhearted" is the first single (an album is set to be released later this month) and it has been in heavy rotation in my spin class... i'm definitely a fan. here's the music video...


allea grummert said...

Amy is originally from Nebraska!

Elisa Rose said...