tuesday tunes - of monsters & men.

y'all. it's been awhile since i was just obsessed with a band like i am with these guys. i can't tell you how many times i've listed to this album on repeat. the six pack is from iceland and bring some of the most funky folk-pop.
of monsters and men formed as a band in 2010, and immediately won iceland's "battle of the bands" called "M├║siktilraunir" (as a quartet...then they added 2 more members!) and so started their quick story of success. their full-length album my head is an animal hit number 1 this past fall when it launched in iceland, and just dropped worldwide 2 weeks ago. their first US appearance was at south-by-southwest in austin last month, where people became instant fans.
of monsters and men are self-described as "fun to sing along to" and i have to agree. check out some of these tunes...

"little talks" >> (the official video)

"love love love" >>
"six weeks" >>

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