pinterest-is-for-real. and yummy!

a couple months ago i shared some pinterest-inspired recipes i've been trying. as beautiful as those photos are and as enticing as the captions can be -- i've started investigating the recipes (aka actually clicking through to the source) to see just how "easy" or "healthy" it really is.
i have found some good ones (and a few not-so-good ones, too)...

buffalo chicken egg rolls : (originally posted at this blog) i made these with my friend becca (while our husbands were in the studio writing a hit song!) neither of us had ever used egg roll wrappers before, but they were surprisingly easy to use, and the broccoli slaw added the perfect amount of crunch! we subbed the blue cheese out for feta... and even made our own feta dressing from scratch for dipping! definitely a hit (and the boys loved them too!)

whole wheat brown sugar banana bread pancakes: (originally posted at this blog) this was a couple weekends ago to celebrate the first saturday morning at home jeff and i had together since january. the pancakes are super dense, so you can't eat very many. but oh, are they delicious... and there's a maple vanilla glaze that's ridiculous. yum yum yum.

some other favorites...
gnocchi mac n cheese (originally on this blog) - i've never really met a mac n cheese that i didn't like. and this one moved to the top of this list. definitely not filed under "healthy"... but so tasty. comfort food at its best.
corn cakes w/ avocado tomato salsa (originally on this blog) - made these with some girlfriends one night & they were really fun to make as a team (lots of prep steps!)
parmesan-garlic chicken (originally on this blog) - uses greek yogurt & makes the chicken super moist. too bad i found out my husband doesn't love greek yogurt or parmesan (whoops!). otherwise i'd make this again soon (next time he's out of town!)
kale sweet potato pizza (originally on this blog) - a unique twist on pizza.. i was honestly surprised how much we liked this!
cake batter blondies (originally on this blog) - if you love cake batter (and who doesn't?) these are a great dessert alternative if you need a break from chocolate

and one i wasn't impressed with...
skinny monkey cookies (originally on this blog) - these were being repinned like crazy b/c they were advertising as healthy breakfast cookies with just 47 calories. but they tasted like cardboard. too bad. (the ones i blogged here were much better!)

stay tuned for a step-by-step look at one of my pinterest recipe favorites...

have you found any recipes from pinterest that turned out great in real life? please share!!

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Christine said...

MMMM kale sweet potato pizza? sounds amazing!