tuesday tunes - allie moss.

to be honest, i wasn't sure who today's tuesday tune was going to be. then, i got my email from noisetrade and they were highlighting allie moss today. i'm very aware of allie, as she has been touring with miss ingrid michaelson for the past few years, as her acoustic guitar player and right hand lady. and the last tour, allie sang a song of her own midway thru the set! (side note: totally excited to see ingrid again this monday in nashville! cannot get enough of her live shows. so so good.) allie actually reminds me a lot of ingrid's quirky melodies and beautiful harmonies.
so when i was made aware that i could download allie's full-length album, late bloomer, for FREE on noisetrade right now? yah, i did just that. and i'm really digging it. i listened to it a few times through today, and i've still got songs stuck in my head. there are three remixed tracks added on to the album as well -- kinda fun!

here's one of my favorites, "melancholy astronautic man"....

(but seriously. did you read up there that you can get ALL of the songs for FREE on noisetrade? what are you waiting for?)

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