tuesday tunes - john mayer born & raised.

yes. i love john mayer. { we've obviously established that. } so of course i'm excited for his long-awaited new album that released today -- born & raised. we were teased with the first single "shadow feet" (and these crazy johnny-depp-esque photos of mr. mayer) for the last 3 months... but today has finally arrived.
what do you think? one listen through and i am intrigued... no favorites quite yet though.
also... i can't believe it's been over 2 years since john's last record. he had taken a little hiatus (here he is talking to ellen all about it -- did you know he's living in montana?)
sad news about his voice and the cancelled tour... but at-least we have some new music to listen to.

here's the video for "shadow days"....

also love this clip from ellen about john's not-so-secret love of the bachelor!

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The Tiny Twins said...

I love him! I could watch that video over and over- thanks for sharing.