tuesday tunes - rhett walker.

ok, so this one is a little biased. the reason i know about rhett walker is because my talented husband co-wrote a couple of songs on his debut album, come to the river... including the first single "when mercy found me". and y'all know i definitely do not love all "CCM" songs...(cough cough cheesy) but this one is real good, y'all. rhett's voice is unique and endearingly country. (and oh, is he one country dude -- he's even trying to get jeff to like nascar... not gonna happen).
and he's got an incredible story of redemption. i am most definitely a fan of mr. rhett (and his cute wife april!) :)

listen to "when mercy found me"... (and then buy it on itunes! the full album will be out in july.)

and get to know rhett and his story a little bit here...

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