things i love: june 2012.

here are some things i'm lovin right now...

1. emi-jay hair ties - made by the 2 coolest-slash-smartest teens ever. they don't break your hair and look cute on your wrist. win-win.
2. my TOMS ballet flats - when i want to look a little less hipster and a little more profesh.
3. love does by bob goff - my current summer read. really enjoying it!
4. green smoothies - i especially love a particular one from whole foods. so refreshing.
5. parks & recreation - our current go-to when we need to head into the great indoors & escape the blazing heat.

what are you loving this summer?


Christine said...

green smoothies as well, of course :) those hair ties look great! i'm also loving my new swimsuit from limericki.com - finally a great swimsuit that is modest, cute and fits well!

LD said...

Just bought "love does" & matt chandler's "explicit gospel" excited to read it. currently reading "kisses from katie" and loving it. as always in the summer, eating watermelon like its my job.