tuesday tunes - the lumineers.

attention world, the lumineers have arrived. but it's been nothing short of a crazy journey to get them to where they are today...
"Born out of sorrow, powered by passion, ripened by hard work, The Lumineers have found their sound when the world needs it most." [read more about their story here]
their self-titled debut album released just a couple of months ago, and they're already gaining a huge following... (thanks in part to "ho hey" being used in a bing commercial this month!) they're selling out shows and getting great reviews... we're going to see them in nashville in august and i can't wait!
and i'm seriously loving the entire album... been playing in on repeat at work and it's awesome.

here's the official video for "ho hey" (warning, it will get stuck in your head!)

and here's another song i love, "flowers in your hair" -- it chronicles their 2011 touring adventures, so you get a glimpse into their personalities...

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