tuesday tunes - chris august.

i know, i know. it's wednesday. and let's be honest... i've also missed some tuesdays this month. i've got some explaining to do. and that will come.

but for now -- i've got a FREE PREVIEW of chris august's new album, the upside of down. just head over to his website to watch some videos & unlock previews of all of the tracks!! pretty cool.

you may be saying, "but who is chris august?" ...well, i'm so glad you asked. you can read this blog post i did last year :)
AND... chris is the newest artist to join our mocha club family! so excited to have him partner with us.

the album comes out august 21 -- but click that link and go preview it! good good stuff.

meanwhile -- here's chris making an appearance in a video from another mocha club artist, group 1 crew -- called "he said"... (it gets stuck in your head!)

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