y'all. i am so so so excited about this conference coming up in 2 months.
and the story of how we got there is one of those "oh yah, God is so much bigger & working out all of the details way more than i can ever see" kinda things...

it started back last october, when i was doing my "31 days of wedding planning" series (which, by-the-way, i still think it's a miracle that i blogged for 31 days in a row!). i was reading/connecting with other bloggers involved with it as well... one of those being the lovely hayley of thetinytwig.com. after many emails we decided we should grab coffee when she came to nashville the next month (which, hilariously, is actually featured in her blog video - can u find me?) and we just started dreaming of ways we could work together -- particularly how mocha club and fashionABLE could partner with the blogging world. tons of emails, phone calls, and another nashville trip later.... we are doing just that!

hayley, along with her blogging girlfriends jesse and casey are tackling their own dream of hosting a fresh new blog conference called influence... specifically targeted for those who are still defining their voice and looking for ways to grow their online personality and platform. and we are stepping is as one of the main sponsors/partners! barrett is one of the speakers, annie (a former coworker and great friend) and i are hosting a workshop, and there will be tons of other amazing ways for the attendees to learn about our company and how to partner together.

i'm looking forward to soaking in as much as i can myself, too... while i don't consider myself quite on the same level as these ladies, i do enjoy having my own little piece of internet to share things i love, and just love the opportunities and joy that come from using your voice (and your influence - see what i did there?) for good. and i'm not complaining that it's gonna be at a beautiful hotel connected to a fabulous mall in indianapolis.. right in the middle of october (can i get a shout out for FALL - please come quick!).

and there's still a few more spots... so if you are a blogger looking for a community of like-minded friends... just want to learn a thing or two about this whole blogging thing, or just want a weekend getaway with some pretty phenomenal ladies... it's not too late! join us & celebrate your influence.

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