lulu lovin.

it's no secret that i love lululemon. the manifesto inspired my 2010 goals. the super snazzy products helped me to start enjoying yoga. my first pair of crops were (and continue to be) one of my favorite things ever. so yah, i love them. and it really is such an amazing company... focused on balance & personal development.. "creating components to live long, healthy, & fun lives" -- i mean, the original vision from the founder was "elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness" -- so cool, right?

so after watching some of my dearest friends love working there, i decided to jump on that train. yes, i'm still at mocha club and fashionABLE as my full-time gig (and still loving my many roles there!) -- but we decided we could use a little xtra cash flow in this season (you know, building a house and stuff) and this really is a company i believe in and know i can learn so much from. and, again, like i said above... i LOVE the products. so it was kinda a no-brainer.
i'm about 2 weeks in, and it's been a blast. i feel like i've always told everyone i know about lulu anyways... now i'm just a little more intentional about it when i'm on the clock :)

not familiar with this incredible company? i've started a little pinterest board with some stuff i'm "lulu lovin". and take some time to browse their online store...you'll be amazed at the innovative and beautiful products... those designers think of everything! and of course, if you're a nashvillian, come see us at our hill center store!

ps "sweat once a day" is just one of the fabulous phrases in lulu's manifesto... but it's my favorite. i'm really loving the opportunity to discover new ways to sweat each day... from cycling to bootcamp to yoga to boxing... i love the energy it gives me and the amazing feeling of a workout well done! do you have a favorite way to sweat?

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