pardo home >> week five.

guys, this is all happening so fast! we're 1/4 of the way to my 20-week goal of having a finished house! so last week things got crazy with the framing... and now we have a ROOF!

quick fun side story >> when i swung by to snap a couple pics last night, i met our neighbor to the left. he's an artist, and he and his wife have lived there for 13 years...and have 4 kids! they seem like an amazing family to be our neighbor... i'm so thrilled. we had met the sweet older lady on the other side a couple of weeks ago -- ms. mary. she's lived there for over 50 years! mary is super protective of our street, and jeff and i are in love with her already. wonderful neighbors on either side? just another reminder how God is in control and providing abundantly more than we could hope or imagine.

ok, now onto the pics...

2nd floor almost all framed up!

then that roof went on super quick!

i mean, how cool is this? WE HAVE A ROOF!

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Nancy said...

Yeeeehooooo! So exciting! It looks GREAT!!!