tuesday tunes - birthday stuff.

i promise i have a good excuse why i missed tuesday tunes yesterday... i was kinda planning the biggest birthday party ever for 700 mocha club friends. yup, the mocha club 7th birthday was last night, and it was such an incredible night of music, laughter, compassion, and community.

the artists that performed are no strangers to this blog: ernie, katie, drew & ellie, will from parachute, matt, and dave. if you're not familiar with any of them -- definitely give your ears a little treat today.

but it was so much more than just some sweet tunes. we had a fashionABLE fashion show hosted by my lovely friends annie & cassie (and featuring a little slice of our nash community as models!) we had some killer new videos from char who sent them to me this week straight from africa. my boss barrett did an unbelievable job telling stories, interviewing the artists, and inviting the room into the heart of mocha club.

i have never been so proud and honored to work with such an amazing team of staff and artists.

setting up the room -- those pennant flags are made
from fashionABLE scarf scraps!
the view from side stage: matt wertz rockin it out
i need africa more than africa needs me
mocha club staff & artists - love these people. 

HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY to mocha club -- the organization that i
bleed, sweat, and cry for -- because these sweet faces are so worth it.


stephanie said...

i so badly wish i could have been there - awhile ago it looked like it might have been a possibility, but then life happens.

i will never forget the moment when ernie casually said to me "i thought you'd enjoy this - i'm a mocha club artist now." and i cried.

hope it was super great.

Christine said...

(((((tear))))) beautiful. love you guys and love that I was, and am, a part of mocha club forever :)

marisa said...

stephanie - you were there in spirit! you've been such a long-time supporter, i love it!
CB - we missed you SO much. you are a forever-staffer in our hearts :)