FALLin for tv.

i'm gonna be honest. tv in the summer just kinda sucks. the only show i even remotely care about (and by "remotely care" i obviously mean "kinda obsessed with") is so you think you can dance. but there really isn't anything else worth watching. thankfully there are other fun things to do in the summer like be outside.

so maybe i'm a little excited about this fall's television line-up. not to mention the fact that my husband is going to be touring a bunch over the next couple of months, and i'll have some nights to spend with my dvr. besides the obvious that saturdays = college football on tv (go dawgs!), i'm excited that 4 of my favorites are coming back:

parenthood. hands-down the best drama on air right now. looooove it.
modern family. if you don't like this show you have no joy.
parks & rec. "lit-er-all-y, the funniest show, i've ever seen." - chris traeger
new girl. 2 words: zooey deschanel. done and done.

and then, i am excited for the mindy project. brainchild of mindy kaling (remember i read her book earlier this year) -- she created the show, is starring in it, and producing it. she's kinda a badass (can i say "badass" on my blog? oops. just did. twice.) i love this little write up on eonline about the show. oh yah -- you can watch the pilot online for free right now! (disclaimer: adult themes. not for the little ones.)

what are you excited to watch this fall?

and don't even get me started on how stoked i am for january and downton abbey!!


Christine said...

Um hello, what about MASTER CHEF?!?! :) And yes, canNOT wait for Downtown Abbey this Jan!

Julie said...

ohmigosh! i hadn't seen that!! I can't wait! AH! :)