tuesday (non)tunes - perfectly unique!

we interrupt this regularly-scheduled-tuesday-tunes to bring you something even better...
today is the day perfectly unique releases!! what is perfectly unique? great question. it's the brand-spankin-new book from my dear friend annie, and it's a tangible reminder that dreams can come true.

you may remember me mentioning her self-published version from head to foot almost 2 years ago... well, the short story is that she was then picked-up by a big publisher (zondervan! whoop!) and they've cleaned it up, and released it under a new title with some new goodies inside!! it's basically the equivalent to being called up from the farm team and are now playing for the major leagues!! super duper cool. (you can actually watch a video about that little journey here!) 

it's been such a joy to watch this journey (see what i did there?) with annie over the last few years. the victories, the losses, the tears (both happy and sad) and the squeels. i am honored to call this girl a friend, and cannot be more thrilled for her.

so, girls, don't delay >> grab yourself a copy (and then one for every other lady in your life). and boys? you can read it, too... because let's face it, you've got women in your life... sisters, daughters, a mom, a wife. it definitely wouldn't hurt to get some insight into our (perfectly) unique hearts & minds!

book release night 2 years ago for self-published version...
now it's FOR REAL!!

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