tuesday tunes - matthew west "into the light"

(ok, let's go ahead & get it out of the way. 
yes, i know the new mumford album is out today. duh. 
but remember i talked about that last month
there's a lot more good music out today, too...)

so maybe i'm a little bias when it comes to matthew west. (i used his first tuesday tunes post last spring to announce publicly on my blog that jeff and i were dating!) as matthew & the band really are kinda like family to us, of course i'm stoked for this new album. into the light is out today, but i've had the privilege to sit with these songs over the last month or so, and even see matthew & the guys perform them live a couple of times.

just like the last album (story of your life)-- these songs are all based on real stories from fans that wrote-in to matthew, and shared their hearts -- the good, the bad, the ugly. the first single, "forgiveness" is so powerful (see the video below) but i think my favorites from this album are "do something" and "moved by mercy" -- completely different sentiments but equally moving.

the guys are on tour all fall -- if they're coming to you, go to this show. i promise it's awesome :)

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Tay said...

I love love love Matthew West, especially his new song, Forgiveness!