tuesday tunes - new justin beiber.

it's no secret that i love me some beibs -- remember this?
but i'll admit it took me a bit to get into his newest album, believe (#3 actually, out this past june). but now i'm kinda hooked.

man o man do i love this song..."as long as you love me" (actually the 2nd single)

the 1st single is pretty good too... "boyfriend" (reminds me a little of another Justin)

what are your thoughts on JB?

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stephanie said...

i love his new album.
"die in your arms" is my favorite. and maybe i was like "...DID HE JUST SAY A BAD WORD???" and listened to that part like 4 times because he did.

but also "everything's gonna be alright" {or whatever it's called} is SO BEAUTIFUL. it reminds me of being 14 and having butterfly clips in my hair and listening to bsb ballads. :)

i always knew you were a good one, marisa.