so i spent last weekend surrounded by 200 beautiful bloggers at the influence conference. i was there for work, representing fashionABLE & Mocha Club, but was hoping i'd also have a little blog-inspiration/motivation rub off on me as well.

the truth is that this season of my life is full. full of really good things like multiple jobs, building a house, a traveling husband, and fighting for rich community. and i'm so grateful for all of it.
but it's full nonetheless.
so blogging has not been my priority... and i'm letting myself say that it's ok. i really do enjoy having a creative outlet, a virtual scrapbook, a way to document my ever-evolving world. but i'm realizing some seasons i'll just have more to say (and/or more time to say it) than others. i look at my posts -- in 2010, i had 170 posts, then it dropped to 123 in 2011, and now... with just 2 months left in 2012, i'm only at 70 posts (and most of those are "tuesday tunes" -- my one constant!). so yah... this year has not been "the year of the blog" by any means.

but all of that to say i do feel a little fire under my virtual feet. being around women who see their blog and their online world not only as a creative place to share recipes, photos, and fashion tips... but a real community, full of honest struggles, hopeful stories, passion, and purpose. and that's exciting and inviting. i don't know exactly what that means for me and my blog. but i know i want to keep going, and give myself the space and freedom to write when i have something to say, and be silent when i don't.

instagram was goin crazy during the conference
(search for the hashtag #influenceconf to see what i mean)
here are just a few captured moments from the weekend...

the stripes party w/ this girl.
my partner-in-crime/roomie/roadtrip companion!
loved meeting some beautiful new friends:
melissa, shannon, & emily
annie & i teaching our workshop:
"using social media for social good"
fashionABLE scarves in the market (think real-life etsy) -
everybody was LOVING them!!
barrett & blair talking about "the pixie project"
& mocha club
so excited for our newest venture (launched at influence!)...
turning blair's pixie project into the purpose PROJECT.

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